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Natural capital ­- our ecosystems, biodiversity and natural resources – is fundamental to the well-being and sustainable development of our societies.

ALTHELIA Funds is an experienced and recognised asset manager with an impact-driven approach to investment, aligning strong financial returns with measurable environmental and social impact. It is the product of the recent acquisition of Althelia Ecosphere, a pioneer Impact Investor in the natural capital space, by Mirova, the leading European Responsible Investment platform, and is committed to be the leading global natural capital fund manager.

Althelia Funds manages investments that deliver financial returns that are fully aligned with the conservation of nature and sustainable social development. We leverage expertise and capital to define pathways for innovative solutions to the climate and environmental challenges facing society today.

The annual value of services provided by nature is in the trillions of dollars. Too often, however, traditional financial capital is deployed in way that runs counter to the preservation of natural capital, damaging the long-term sustainability of our environment, as well as the human economy. Seen another way, it can be said that as we deplete the Earth’s natural capital ‘base’, simple economics tell us that the ‘dividend’ or ‘yield’ that it is able to render to society as a whole is also diminished. Alongside this, rising human populations and consumption patterns, are placing increasing pressure on our terrestrial, marine and atmospheric systems.

Althelia Funds is mission driven to design and implement a new model that will reverse this trend- one that works for the benefit of present and future generations of life on Earth. This model aims to address the drivers of deforestation and unsustainable land-use. Through a focus on blended­ value investments that deliver the highest calibre social, environmental and economic performance, we aim to demonstrate that financial performance can be fully aligned with sound environmental stewardship and social development.

Our diverse portfolio of investments from Africa, South America and Asia will comprise of real assets (certified commodities and agricultural produce) and environmental services (verified emissions reductions and other ecosystem services).

Our portfolio investments comprise real assets, debt and growth equity and are focussed on the nexus between sustainable production and environmental protection to simultaneously catalyses a range of positive impacts, including:

- positively transformed land-use models delivering social, economic and environmental outcomes;
- economic and livelihood benefits realised by a wide spectrum of local stakeholders;
- reduced greenhouse gas emissions;
- sustained or enhanced biodiversity and ecosystem function; and
- competitive financial returns.

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