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BVG Associates is a technical consultancy with expertise in wind and marine electricity generation systems. The company is foiunded on practical experience working in the Industry and draws on unparalleled insights into thw wind energy market. We help our clients accelerate the development of these sectors as major, responsible and cost-effective solution to global energy demand.

We help to bring innovation to market; enable the development of the industry and its supply chain, and help companies deliver and operate wind farms. The breadth and integration of this work makes BVG Associates unique. We are driven by the desire to make a real difference to our clients' business and provide exceptional value of money.


Our knowledge, together with our understanding of the industry, enables us to offer the best guidance on developing new technologies that meet a market need.

BVG Associates is regularly invited to participate in concept and detail design reviews of turbines, subsystems and components. We have developed technology roadmaps and routinely change the direction of development activities.


Our detailed, confidential dialogue with developer and supply chain communities means that we understand their key cost, supply chain and reliability issues.

BVG Associates is the leading UK consultancy for wind and marine device supply chain analysis and development. We ensure that the needs of public sector and private sector can be met, accelerating the progress towards regional and UK renewable energy targets and both job and wealth creation.


From initial site selection, feasibility, and development management we can assist in the delivery of wind projects.

From initial site selection, feasibility, and development management we assist in the delivery of wind projects. We help asset managers to maximise the revenue from their generation capability, to understand turbine failures and to assess repair processes.


BVG Associates exists purely to make a difference to the renewable energy sector. We believe in our ability to simplify complex situations in order to communicate effectively and use creativity to find win-win outcomes. Our relationships are founded on trustworthiness, respect and commitment to the future of renewable energy. We like to listen and work hard to uncover fact and truth. We are passionate about what we do and how we do it.

We seek to employ people with excellent capability and attitude. Many of our team have broad and deep hands-on technical and industry knowledge and are able to communicate effectively with people from the frontline to the boardroom. You will be researching, learning and then providing expert advice to a wide range of organisations across the sector to drive it forward, and delivering to the high standards we set ourselves.

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