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Caplor Energy provides high quality renewable energy installations creating a great investment opportunity for businesses, homeowners and communities.

Rising energy costs and energy security are becoming increasing threats for businesses, communities and home owners. We are all responsible for the environment and can take control of the future, yet we must find financially viable solutions to these fundamental issues. At Caplor Energy we believe renewable energy for your business addresses these issues through energy generation and efficiency to help us all on this journey.

It is paramount to Caplor Energy that the benefits of installing renewable energy for your business are viewed from a triple bottom line approach – people, planet and profit.


Caplor is an established business based in rural Herefordshire (West Midlands) owned by the Williams family. The team are genuinely focused on making a positive impact in terms of people, planet and profit; they’ve gone the extra mile in the county, regionally and internationally.

Award winning business

Our award winning family business has operated from Caplor Farm in Fownhope since 1923 and has a rich history being first run by Gareth’s grandfather, then by his father, mother and now by the Caplor team.

Throughout each strand of the business a commitment towarteam - go apeds achieving a sustainable future which not only benefits but involves the local and wider community prevails. Rather than focusing merely on profitability, we advocate a sustainable approach of ‘triple bottom-line accounting’ with an awareness of social, environmental and economic issues.

Four strands to the Caplor Group

The Caplor group has evolved from a third generation family business into four businesses. The latest strand is the addition of Caplor Horizons in 2014 (set up as an independent charity and exceeded expectations in its inaugural 18 months). Caplor Group consists of the following Organisations:

- Caplor Energy
- Caplor Property
- Caplor Farm
- Caplor Horizons

Caplor is proud to be a business contributing towards a sustainable rural economy in Herefordshire. Our core message is to conserve and enhance the long-term social and environmental future of the planet. One way we achieve this is by inspiring home owners, businesses and communities to install renewable energy systems.

Wherever possible we wish to work in partnership with others so that we can build an exemplar business that is inclusive and open, and develops, diversifies and positively contributes towards enhancing a sustainable community.


Caplor always aims to provide people with opportunities to develop in their careers. As well as recruiting people passionate about renewable energy, we also offer graduate and apprenticeship opportunities.

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