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Ealing Council

Perceval House
14/16 Uxbridge Road
United Kingdom (UK)
W5 2HL
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Ealing Council serves the residents and businesses of London's third largest borough, which is located in the heart of west London.

The council provides dozens of different services, from disposing of abandoned cars to running Hanwell Zoo.

Ealing Council puts the needs of our 350,000 residents above all else and the council's six priorities reflect the issues that matter most to local people. These priorities are to make Ealing:

• Prosperous: by creating the right conditions for economic growth, enhancing opportunities for local people, providing affordable, high quality housing and helping young people to achieve at school and compete in the labour market.

• Safer: by driving improvements in reducing crime and the fear of crime, reducing the number of young people in the criminal justice system, improving the quality of private rented housing and safeguarding the most vulnerable people in the borough.

• Healthier: by improving public health through early intervention and prevention. In particular to support residents with physical and mental health issues to be as independent as possible.

• Cleaner: by maintaining the quality and cleanliness of public areas and supporting citizens to play an active role in enhancing their neighbourhoods.

• Fairer: by through the efficient and effective use of resources to deliver maximum benefits for residents and businesses. Delivering world class customer service.

• Accessible: by delivering a sustainable and effective transport infrastructure and improving the parking service.

The council is committed to improving services, its performance and ensuring value for money in everything it does.

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