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ECA has been a driving force in the electrical engineering and building services industry since its formation in 1901. Today, many organisations that are involved in improving industry standards and embracing positive change do so as a direct result of ECA involvement or alternatively engage with ECA on an ongoing basis.

The ECA is a leading trade association that represents and supports the interests of businesses and organisations involved in all electrotechnical and engineering services in design, installation, inspection, testing, maintenance and monitoring.


Acting with integrity

We want our people to know that they work in an environment of trust. This is how we do business.

Committed to success and innovation

By giving people opportunities to develop their talents, fulfil their ambitions and advance their careers. We want you to achieve.

Focussed on service excellence

By committing and continuing to provide outstanding and client-focused service to facilitate growth of our member businesses and wider industry.

Supporting and empowering our people

By making sure that they are given the respect, recognition and development opportunities they deserve.

Working together

We value everyone’s opinion; our people know that they can openly share ideas. We all contribute together to our success.


Why ECA?

If there is one over-riding reason to join ECA, it’s the people we employ. We are building a distinctive, collaborative environment that sets us apart and truly enables our people to do their best work.

Our People

At ECA, we want to attract and retain people who are committed to the customer. People who genuinely enjoy working together to exceed customers’ expectations. Ask any of our teams and they’ll tell you that there is an atmosphere of respect here. We care about our people and their development, and, in turn, they care about ECA.

We need people who are dedicated and driven to create the future - people with passion and commitment to get it right and a continuous desire to learn, improve and contribute.

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