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May Walters is a boutique consultancy specialising in search and selection for senior individuals within specific industry sectors.

Founded by Martin Higgins, who over 20 years has successfully grown a number of businesses, predominantly in senior and board level search and assessment.

His approach is drawn from varied experience which includes performance consulting in private sector businesses to delivering interview training for a major metropolitan police force to improve performance.


ontrary to the myth, you can actually put a square peg in a round hole, it just doesn’t fit very well and will likely fall out.

Helping you acquire talent that fits your organisation is what we do.

Our search process is geared towards retention, by focussing on expectations of stakeholders within the organisation so that they can be matched to individuals being assessed.

An organisation’s greatest asset is its talent, effective talent retention begins with the recruiter.


Employing the wrong person can be costly, damage your business relationships and reduce team morale.

Acquiring the right individuals ensure you will retain talent and encourage the performance necessary to drive your business.

We proactively research the entire market and adopt a process which interrogates not only an individual’s ability, but also their motivations and propensity to succeed in the role.

In this way we can provide unparalleled guarantees for successful delivery of the best individuals the market can offer that fit your company’s ambitions.


Applying to advertised vacancies begins with emailing someone you don’t know a copy of your CV and hoping it looks better than all the others.

A personalised research based approach with May Walters will qualify opportunity across the entire industry and help you get the most from a career move.

Targeted discussions with decision makers will ensure your CV only goes out if an opportunity is right and then to the right person, ensuring your anonymity.

We influence the design of a role geared around your preferences, often pre-empting and avoiding a wider recruitment process with pre conceived expectations that invites competition.


We specialise in senior appointments within the disciplines of environmental through to engineering.

We operate in the industry sectors of energy, transportation, infrastructure and water.

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