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Itero Technologies
Unit F33 The Ridgeway
United Kingdom (UK)
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Itero is a clean tech company based in London. We are helping to build the circular economy for plastics by sustainably and economically diverting plastic waste from landfill and incineration. With our patented chemical recycling technology, we are able to convert previously non-recycled plastic waste into valuable petrochemical resources. Our clean tech solutions are powered by a group of innovative thinkers, with a shared passion for tackling the most pressing environmental issues.

Plastic has unmatched properties that render it the optimal material for many applications, from food packaging to medical equipment. Its environmental cost is 3.8 times less than if it were replaced by next-best alternative materials. Demand for polymers will continue to grow, however, current economic and technological limitations of traditional recycling solutions sees the environmental cost of waste plastic escalating. This has created demand for a complementary recycling solution: chemical recycling, an umbrella term that includes feedstock recycling. With the potential to be a truly circular solution, chemical recycling converts waste plastic into virgin-quality feedstock for new plastics, and other petrochemicals.

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