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With a history dating back to 1882, The Jersey New Waterworks Company Limited is the oldest established Company in the Island of Jersey. The Company has a rich and colourful history, and was set up following the demise of its predecessor, The Jersey Waterworks Company Limited – hence the ‘New’ in the Company name. One small well in the Parish of St. Lawrence, in the South of the Island, was the source of the first mains water ever made available to Islanders.

Growing to meet the challenges of a rapidly expanding Island population with limited natural water reserves – nearly all of the Island’s water supply is derived from rainfall.

Jersey Water now supplies treated mains water to over 90% of the population.

Our main offices are in St Helier however we operate from a total of 20 sites across the Island.

Our sole function is to provide a wholesome water supply to our customers. To do this we must collect untreated or ‘Raw’ water, store it, treat it and then distribute it to our customers’ taps. In order to meet the daily demand for water we have developed a comprehensive network of reservoirs, treatment works and pipe work.

With no natural water resources Jersey is nearly entirely reliant on surface water for its mains water supply. Information on rainfall, reservoir levels and the demand for water is among the information collected and monitored by the Company on a daily basis.

Jersey Water has an ongoing programme of improvements and network extensions, to maintain a cost effective and reliable water supply, and which takes best advantage of new and proven technology.

Action for Cleaner Water

The ACWG is a joint initiative between Jersey Water, the Island’s sole provider of treated mains water, the Government of Jersey, and representatives from the farming and dairy industries to collaborate on best practice working methods to protect the quality of the Island’s water resources.


Jersey Water has a wide range of roles that are required to ensure the business runs smoothly. This offers a variety of opportunities for people searching to fulfil their career choices. As a dedicated employer, training and development is encouraged to enhance skills and improve individual and business performance.

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