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Lakeland Dairies is the second largest dairy processing co-operative on the island of Ireland, with a milk supply pool of almost 2 billion litres of milk, drawn from over 3,200 family farms across 16 counties, north and south, with 8 major dairy processing centres and annual revenues in excess of €1 billion.

Our Foodservice Division, is a sophisticated dairy foodservice operation with automated, modern production technologies. We offer highly appealing, value-added dairy products for use in food preparation and direct use by our clients’ consumers throughout the international foodservice industry.

Our Food Ingredients Division extracts the constituents of freshly assembled milk to offer a comprehensive portfolio of highly functional food ingredients with fine, free flowing milk powders, proteins and liquid dairy fats of an exceptionally high quality and consistency.

In Consumer Foods, Lakeland Dairies produces high-quality, wholesome and delicious branded milk, butter and cream products for consumers across the island of Ireland.

Our Agribusiness Division is a producer focused business supporting thousands of farming producers with scientifically based nutritional information and high performance products.

Each business unit is supported by an experienced and professional leadership team from operations, procurement and information technology through to marketing, financial services and human resources. This ensures competitiveness and commitment throughout the Group.

As well as serving our home markets, Lakeland Dairies exports 95% of our dairy produce globally to the UK, Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and other international markets worldwide. The Group is also a leading provider of dairy produce to Ireland's Kerrygold brand.

All of Lakeland Dairies' processing facilities operate to the most stringent international standards of quality and sustainability. To ensure customer satisfaction, we rigorously test all raw materials, in-line processes and finished products. This underpins the overall Lakeland guarantee of Quality, Flexibility and Reliability in meeting all customer requirements.


The vision of Lakeland Dairies is to achieve long term success and prosperity for dairy producers throughout the northern half of the island of Ireland. We will achieve this continuously by identifying and meeting the needs of our customers, competitively and cost efficiently, with wholesome, natural produce of the highest attainable quality.

We will underpin this with a strategic focus on research and development, an unparalleled commitment to reliability and consistently high performance across all operations. In setting these objectives we will have maximum regard for the sustainability of the environment in which we operate, while also ensuring the strictest conditions of quality and traceability in all raw materials used.

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