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At PSH we manage and maintain large utility scale solar installations throughout the UK. We do this on the behalf of the asset owners, typically Pension Fund, Assets Managers, Private Houses across the world.

A shared philosophy in O&M

Welcome to PSH Operations, a joint venture from two of the UK’s most trusted Operations and Maintenance (O&M) companies, PS Renewables and Push Energy. In a nutshell, PSH Operations is a large scale provider of O&M services to the renewable energy sector. Both companies are trusted, have scale and look after some of the UK’s biggest renewable energy customers and asset holders.

Everything we do is about maximising your profit, whilst protecting every asset for its long-term production and ensuring its appearance blends in with the local community. At PSH, we manage some of the oldest “Feed-In-Tariff” solar farms within the UK, along with some of the very largest ROC projects, at close to 50 megawatts. We understand that your assets are alive (in a way, they are living things), and have capable teams to undertake High Voltage, Low Voltage, Inverter, Transformer and Switchgear management and warranties.

Working with us

Everything is managed in-house, from looking after invoicing for PPA’s, FIT’s and ROC’s to local engagement with the landowners and green services like cutting the grass and sheep management. None of the above is sub-contracted and we’re proud of the growing teams we have across the UK.

Our Team

The entire team at PSH Operations have many years of renewable energy experience, and therefore have a wide and varied approach to business and the needs of the industry. The team have built a compelling reputation for quality, process and trust. Below are just a few of the people whom make the company succeed.


PSH is proud to be one of the largest and fastest growing renewable energy companies within the UK.

This unique joint venture was started in 2017, and has already built a compelling reputation for quality and trust. Our customers enjoy working with us and frequently recommend our services. We’ve also got a fantastic team, and we’re always looking for new members that can help us grow and expand within this exciting space called “renewables”. If you’re looking for a new challenge with a strong company that can help you realise your aspirations, then PSH may be right for you.

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