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Public Practice is a not-for-profit social enterprise with a mission to improve the quality and equality of everyday places. We do this by building the public sector’s capacity for proactive planning, transforming perceptions of public service, and rethinking the way we plan through practice. We believe that the built environment is where the symptoms, and solutions, to society’s most complex challenges are played out and one where the role of the public planner is often overlooked. But it is this very role, as a public planner, that has the agency to influence every aspect of our everyday environment, to plan for the longer-term, and to work for society as a whole, not just those who can afford it. Public planning is one of the few positions with the freedom, and responsibility, to take on these challenges. Public Practice acts as a broker, selecting outstanding built environment expert Associates and matching them to Authorities in need of additional planning and placemaking expertise. As a not-for-profit social enterprise, we offer Authorities a cost-effective model to build the public sector’s capacity over the longer-term. As a placement programme, we give Associates unique place-based roles to deliver change on the ground, alongside industry-leading training and development. And as a network of leading planning practitioners, we develop collective knowledge and research to be shared across the sector.

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Public Practice Associate Contract East of England, London, South East London City £30000 - £60000 pa
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