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Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

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The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh delivers world-leading plant science, conservation and education programmes. Our mission is to ‘Explore, Conserve and Explain the World of Plants for a Better Future'.

All life is dependent on plants and fungi. Recent estimates indicate that 20 per cent of all flowering plant species have yet to be discovered and described. The kingdom of fungi remains largely unexplored.

Our focus is on accelerating species discovery and proving a knowledge resource, identifying species at imminent risk of extinction, those of particular importance to humankind and diversity in poorly known and threatened areas of the world. On average each month we describe three plant species new to science.

Taxonomy involves species discovery, delimitation and identification. We organise biodiversity into a manageable framework to underpin ecological and biological research. RBGE’s Living Collection, Herbarium and Library, established and maintained over nearly 350 years, provide the basic tools that support this research.

We develop effective methodologies to accelerate and enhance characterisation of the planet’s biodiversity. We use DNA data to unravel species relationships, providing a fascinating insight into the evolution and ecology of the world's plants.

The 'Botanics' in Edinburgh and its three Regional Gardens - Benmore, Dawyck and Logan - attract over one million visitors every year. Each Garden is different in topography, soils and climate enabling an exceptionally wide range of plants to be grown. Together they constitute one of the richest plant collections on earth.


We are inclusive: We recognise, reward and celebrate each other’s unique contribution and treat everyone with dignity and respect

We value pride: We have a strong sense of belonging and demonstrate this through what we say and what we do

We have purpose: We are clear on the long and short term priorities of RBGE and align our contribution, responses and actions to these

We are communicative: We are open, respectful, and consultative, creating an environment of transparency and trust

We are collaborative: We respect expertise and actively seek opportunities to improve how we work together

We are customer focused: We understand the needs of our customers and colleagues, and meet and exceed their expectations

We celebrate and value curiosity: We are inquisitive and engaged with the world around us, constantly exploring, expanding our expertise and sharing our knowledge

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