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We are the UK's largest organic certification body, responsible for certifying over 70% of all organic products sold in the country. We certify organic food and farming, organic textiles and organic beauty products as well. We work to grow the market for the certified products alongside the businesses we certify as a fast-growing market achieves change.


Our Certification Business

Soil Association Certification offers a huge range of organic and sustainable certification schemes across food, farming, catering, health and beauty, textiles and forestry which are recognised and trusted by consumers and businesses around the world.

For all schemes we operate, we are an impartial and non-discriminatory control body responsible for ensuring compliance with the respective standards.

We’re the UK’s leading organic certifier – you’ll find our symbol on over 70% of organic products – and are a leading certifier for schemes ranging from Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC ®) to Cosmos Health and Beauty to Food For Life Served Here. And we offer inspection services for other schemes, such as British Retail Consortium (BRC) and Farm Assured (Red Tractor). Having our organic symbol and scheme symbols on what businesses sell sends a clear message to an ever growing number of consumers that their products are environmentally and socially responsible.

Soil Association Certification is the wholly owned subsidiary of the Soil Association and actively works to grow the market in our sectors and support sustainable business.

Better business, a better world

When you certify with us, we make sure your interests are represented, influencing policy on the issues that matter to you. We work with government and certifiers across the world.

We’re not just a certifier. We’re part of a charity with a mission. So when you join us, you support our drive for healthy, humane and sustainable food, farming and land use. Profits from our certification services are gift aided to the Soil Association charity to fund their game-changing work transforming the way we live, farm and grow. You make this possible.

Be part of the movement. Together we can build a better market for your business.

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