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T & P Regen

Unit 4, Brunel Lock Development
Smeaton Road
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Our approach to personal and business relationships is founded upon the simple premise that we like to help people and and specialise in understanding and dealing with in-ground issues relating to residential and commercial developments. At T&P Regen we strive to be the best Geo-Environmental business you have ever worked with.

T&P was founded in 2002 by two fellow professionals and has since grown to employ a staff of 17 talented and experienced professionals. We have an extensive background knowledge of the residential and commercial development sector and this is reflected by our core client base.

The geotechnical and contaminated land sector is wide and technically complex, we consider that communicating the main site issues in an understandable yet detailed manner is a key method by which we can support their decision making processes and help to ensure their continued success.

T&P Regen is a specialist Geo-Environmental Consultancy and Contracting company, which can deliver your remedial design solutions for any soil, ground gas and groundwater issue.

We would love to support your business in the manner which suits you best and if our approach is of interest, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Vision and Values

Company Vision:

“T&P Regen is striving to be the best company which our clients, suppliers and subcontractors have ever worked with and the best company our staff members have ever worked in.”

Company Values

T&P Regen is founded upon a set of four core values: Teamwork, Fairness, Passion and Quality. These are a set of enduring principles that support, guide and inform decision making throughout the business.

Teamwork: “To recognise that teamwork can achieve more powerful results than the sum of individual efforts in delivering to clients and supporting one another”

Fairness: “To exist in a work place which is fair to people and the environment where healthy, positive growth can be sustained”

Passion: “The desire and will to step outside of your comfort zone to achieve the things you doubted were possible!”

Quality: “To genuinely care about the standard of work undertaken and seek to constantly maintain and improve it over time. Always remember to put yourself in your client’s shoes.”

Mission Statement

T&P Regen: “Striving to be the best Geo-Environmental business you have ever worked with!”

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