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Our purpose encompasses everything that we do. We're giving the world’s resources new life. Whether those resources are collected by our vehicles from a primary school in Kent or delivered into our Energy Recovery Facilities in Cardiff or Runcorn, we transform ‘waste’ into the items and energy that society will need tomorrow.

Gone is the traditional ‘waste’ collection and disposal company. To achieve our purpose we have established two distinct business units, Recycling and Resources and Energy. These business units help us to focus our time and expertise on the services that our customers want.

The priority for our SME customers may be a reliable local service at an affordable cost; our corporate customers may be seeking flexibility and added sustainability benefits and our local authority customers may need to find ways to continue to increase their recycling levels and divert waste away from landfill whilst also minimising their costs. Our energy division, meanwhile, will consistently focus on squeezing the last drop of value from non-recyclable ‘waste’ and continue to lead the UK’s resources industry in establishing next-generation technologies allowing us to generate high levels of green energy.

We use our strategic expertise combined with local knowledge and friendly service to offer all ‘waste’ producers an opportunity to join with us to help give the world’s resources new life.

Viridor is part of the FTSE 250 Pennon Group plc. We are committed to creating and delivering value for our customers and stakeholders whilst making a positive contribution to the development of our employees and the environment.


Giving the world’s resources new life

We never let ‘waste’ go to waste. Instead, we transform it into quality recycled materials and vital renewable energy. That’s sustainability in action.

We aim to recycle and recover every kg of what society throws away and requires us to safely manage. We give materials new life by producing something essential from what is discarded by others – from quality raw materials for new products, to vital energy to power our homes and our businesses.


We have a strong set of company values which all employees recognise and consistently work to every day, helping to strengthen our performance and deliver our purpose:

- Challenge for change
- Making things happen
- Relentless pursuit of quality
- Stronger in partnership


Our people are our greatest resource.

We employ over 3000 highly trained people to operate, support and manage our services and the facilities that transform waste.

We provide apprenticeships, graduate recruitment and management training schemes to nurture skills. Our investment in the future of our colleagues equips them to lead our business forward in the future.

Above all, we actively promote a culture of health, safety and well-being, working towards our objective of zero accidents.

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