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Specialist water treatment, water engineering and Legionella control services

Every day, we help manufacturers, commercial businesses, public organisations, institutions, FMs and maintenance companies look for better ways to perform strategic, non-core processes managing water, hygiene and compliance.

WCS Group is the UK No.1 tech-enabled water treatment specialist helping customers more effectively manage water systems (heating, cooling), blending, supplying and managing chemicals, cleaning and maintaining critical plant and equipment. We ensure clean, safe water, fresh air and exacting hygiene. We extend service life. We enhance operational efficiency. We help customers manage Legionella risk, conserve energy, reduce water use and maximise safety responsibly and predictably with measurable results

Water treatment used to be a ‘dark art’ specifying and administering chemicals to control scale, corrosion and bacteria. It still can be, but today, it is so much more too.

WCS Group provides the following services;

- Design, Build, Monitor, Maintain
- Audit, Test, Monitor, Service, Maintain
- Chemical Management Services
- Operational Improvement Engineering
- Training and ACOP L8 Compliance
- Water engineering, water purification
- Water re-use and environmental impact
- Risk Assessments
- Remote Monitoring
- Closed System Monitoring and Improvement

WCS Group is a Marlowe Critical Services company – the water treatment and hygiene division of Marlowe Critical Services comprising Water Treatment & Hygiene, Fire & Security and Air Quality divisions. You can access what you need when you want it via one common ‘highest standards’ service delivery platform.

Why WCS Group ?

WCS Group is a fast-growing and UK No.1 water treatment specialist. We don’t let growth get in the way of service delivery or our desire to plan, deliver and maintain ‘highest standards’ of water treatment and compliance. This is what we’re known for and why customers and Facility Management companies choose us as a preferred partner with national coverage. Today, we still handle all water-related treatment and hygiene for our very first ever customer (appointed in 1988).

What you can expect:

- Highest standards of water treatment, control and management
- Measurable and meaningful operational improvement(s)
- Cost effectiveness – extending the service life of plant / equipment, reducing energy, water and chemical excesses
- Uncompromising safety
- Exacting compliance

Useful linkages to other Marlowe Critical Services sister companies across Fire & Security' and Air Quality divisions within one joined-up, 'best in class' Critical Service supply chain solution.

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