Home Energy Project Manager

JOB TITLE:  Home Energy Project Manager
REPORTS TO: Housing Energy Efficiency Programme Manager (HEEP)
DEPARTMENT: Housing Delivery and Asset Management


To develop, promote and market the Better Homes Yorkshire (BHY) Contract and other contracted  Energy Efficiency Schemes in Craven, Harrogate, Selby and York ensuring the delivery of  energy efficiency advice and measures  to domestic homes thereby reducing fuel poverty and carbon emissions. To manage the individual BHY “call off contracts in each of the 3 partnering councils and to support the Homes Energy Efficiency Programme Manager (HEEP)  in delivering the BHY contract in York and other funded retrofit schemes.


1) To successfully project manage the BHY contracts for the three partnering councils and to support the HEEP manger in delivering the BHY contract in York and other retrofit schemes.   Ensuring that project outcomes (e.g. marketing and communications, data provision, quality assurance etc) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and are met. To take appropriate steps with the delivery partner to rectify any underperformance.
2) To work with contractors and their supply chain providing access to data and local knowledge where available to help target area based approaches in the sub region. With a particular focus on helping to build strong relationships with local communities /residents with the new provider.
3) To  act as the initial contact point for the three partnering councils to ensure that opportunities from the contract are maximised and local contract targets are met.
4) To liaise with colleagues, including building maintenance, planning, building and  legal  across the councils to promote best practice in the delivery of the contract.
5) To provide the members and senior managers with regular progress reports to ensure  projects are delivered on time and within budget.
6) To be aware of and ensure compliance with any relevant standards related to the delivery of the contract and to carry out quality checks.  To deal with any complaints or issues that may arise in relation to contracts with the provider including notifying and/or discussing with the HEEP manager where the complaint involves local politicians and/or  may attract adverse publicity for the scheme and/or the local Council.
7) To represent the councils in a professional and customer focussed manner that reflects our commitment to providing the highest quality service.
8) To help residents access alternative funds for example from the Homes and Loans Service.
9) To update the relevant project plans, action logs.
10) Working closely with Communication teams across the sub-region devising and implementing a communication campaign to ensure take up of the retrofit measures across the 4 councils.


The post has no line-management responsibilities however it is required to project manage the work of the contractor and supply chain.

There will be supervisory responsibility for new/temporary staff and students giving guidance and advice to new and existing members of staff.


The post holder will:

Be expected to promote new ideas and contribute to creative solutions to deliver the new contract across the sub region. 

Frequently find and broker complex solutions to problems that arise from the delivery of the new contract, including resolving issues, any delays to ensure the project completes on time, and any complaints from the public. This will require innovative thinking and the ability to lead project teams to solve issues that could effectively result in the failure of the project.

Given the nature of delivering contracts in the sub region, have to make difficult decisions under time pressures having given full consideration to all of the options and consequences. 

Need to possess strong influencing and conflict resolution skills and applies then in building and leading a successful team, with experience of working with virtual teams of contractors and local authorities

Need to Identify and secure grant funding and investment to support project delivery.


The post holder will: 

• Have daily contact with staff from areas within the housing,  planning departments, building control, legal, marketing and communication  and/or the appropriate sustainability/retrofit leads in  Council officer(s) from Harrogate, Craven and Selby Council’s  as well as those at City of York Council.
• Communicate with senior officers, members, community leaders and Members of Parliament in both private and public sectors 

Collaborative working with:

• The managers in the sub region to promote partnership working.  Contact is on a daily/weekly basis, often requiring complex issues
Will report to steering group of sub regional partners from a range of disciplines 
• Contact with the Contractor and their supply chain. Contact is on a daily/weekly basis, often requiring complex issues
• External partners including (not exhaustive):
  Community and resident groups 
  Voluntary partnerships  (Age Concern, CAB) 
  Other statutory partnerships (North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue /Police) 
   Homes and Loans Service

The post-holder will serve as the first point of contact for targeted local communities, and will be expected to lead on public consultation and in the resolution of any complaints relating to the delivery of the BHY contract and other contracts to deliver the LAD funded programmes across the councils 

The post holder will have daily contact with customers and their families and with contractors offering a sensitive service including providing the role of mediator between customers and contractors solving problems and disputes as they arise

DECISIONS – discretion & consequences:


The post holder will be expected to make timely, difficult and significant decisions that will directly impact on the successful project delivery of the contract. The impact of these decisions will have implications for the delivery of the scheme and the reputation of the councils 


Failure to deliver the new contract in line with the key performance targets could cause legal and reputational damage to the councils at both local and regional level and resulting in the termination of the call off contracts 

Failure to represent the councils in a professional manner to external contacts could damage the council’s reputation and undermine the relationships with external partners.

Failure to deliver measures to the agreed standards could mean residents not  living in  warm energy efficient homes 

Failure to deliver measures could lead the council not to meet its targets set out in the Local Authority Delivery funding agreements,  (LAD programmes ) council plan,  our ambitions for York to be a net zero carbon city by 2030 and the Home Energy Conservation Act action plan ( monitored by the government)

RESOURCES – financial & equipment

(Not budget, and not including desktop equipment)

To manage and administer the following equipment for the Council 
Safety clothing / equipment (coats, boots, hard hats)  £200
Digital camera £150 
Mobile phone £100 
Use of professional equipment on a regular basis to survey/inspect properties, to provide evidence base for informed decisions £750


Work demands  

Workload has variable deadlines and the post holder will need to prioritise their workload to reflect changing and competing demands.

Regular requests for unplanned work often of a complex or problem solving nature

To concentrate on complex tasks for long periods of time.

To work on several tasks at the same time.

To communicate difficult information to staff, service users and others.

Physical demands

Mainly office based working for periods on the computer, requiring long periods of concentration. 

Work conditions

Office based; but with frequent site visits and occasional evening meetings. 

Frequent visits to customers’ homes.

Work context

Requires constant assessment of complex and varied demands to ensure that priorities are achieved and safety is maintained.

The work of the post holder of the can involve regular; lone working, working out of normal hours, confrontational situations, unpleasant and disturbing situations and pressure to work to tight deadlines


The post holder will be:

• Educated to degree level 
• Energy Assessor qualification  Accredited to the  National Occupational Standard 
• Broad knowledge of current issues and legislation relating to energy efficiency and carbon reduction
• Demonstrable experience of working in the field related to retro fitting of energy efficiency  measures  
• Experience of managing contracts 
• Experience of risk assessment and responding to mitigate risks
• Experience and  knowledge  of contract management and key performance indicators, providing regular feedback on performance measures 

Thorough understanding of what delivers great customer service. 

The ability to gather, analyse and summarise information from a range of sources and generate reports and briefing documents within timescales. 

Experience of working with a variety of people to deliver shared outcomes 

Confidence and creditability with highly developed communications to drive behavioural and performance improvement and will continually searches for ways to increase customer satisfaction and works diligently to shape the organisation, resources and processes to strengthen relationships with customers and gain their loyalty

An ability to think creatively and use knowledge and experience, with good negotiating skills to influence others.

A willingness to use IT with knowledge of Microsoft applications; particularly Word for preparation of reports and excel.  Must have good communication skills and a commitment to work effectively with a wide range of people from different areas and backgrounds.

Ability to converse and provide advice and guidance to members of the public, in spoken English, to Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) - level C2 - Mastery or proficiency - Can express him/herself spontaneously at length with a natural conversational flow, avoiding or backtracking around any difficulty so smoothly that the person with whom they are conversing is hardly aware of it. Can understand with ease virtually everything heard or read.

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