Co-ordinator / Chief Executive

Co-ordinator / Chief Executive

This part-time post will involve working from home much of the time with communication by email, skype and online office system, as well as monthly face to face meetings with staff. Hours are negotiable.

Overall purpose of the role

The role of Co-ordinator/Chief Executive is the overall team leader for the staff of WWOOF Ireland and is key link between the staff team and the Directors/Trustees.  The role is essential for maintaining WWOOF Ireland as a functional, effective and ethical organisation in line with the objects clause and the Governance Code.  The holder must be motivated in ensuring smooth operations, active in preemptive problem solving, excited in creating strategic aims for the organisation and ensuring that these are met. They are required to be responsive to the staff team, the Directors/Trustees, WWOOF Ireland members and the wider public.
Job Tasks and Duties

Management of WWOOF Ireland

• Ensure that budgets are adhered to and the team moves forward in line with strategic objectives
• In consultation with Directors/Trustees and Staff establish suitable strategic aims for WWOOF Ireland and deliver these.
• Define metrics for success of projects and strategic aims and ensure they are measured
• Maintain the overall satisfaction of WWOOF Ireland members
• Guarantee funding streams are in order and be aware of new funding sources. 
• Work with consultants, staff members and Directors/Trustees as required for funding application, evaluation and reporting.
• Ensure by delegation to staff and consultants that WWOOF Ireland has a relevant, successful and functional web presence and website use is monitored.
• To attend Directors/Trustees’ meetings and AGMs.
• Attend support and supervision meetings with a WWOOF Ireland Director/Trustee at least 4 times a year (and more often if required).
• Oversee the completion and implementation of the Governance Code.

Publicity, Promotion and Networking

• Deliver a successful and responsive social media presence, handled by the staff team. Oversee responses to all media enquiries, in line with WWOOF policy and agreed strategic objectives.
• To instigate relationships with the media and to be proactive in activities (e.g. writing an article for publication or sourcing members to be interviewed)
• To identify the key organisations and movements that are relevant to WWOOF Ireland for awareness raising, partnership and collaborative working (guarantee that contacts already made are maintained and built upon, as well as identifying potential new contacts each year).
• To attend AGMs, conferences or networking events with national organisations and movements which are aligned to WWOOF’s values and/or that provide opportunities to raise awareness of WWOOF as a household name, in line with WWOOF’s strategic objectives.

Staff lead

• Ensure the staff team are working effectively and efficiently in line with WWOOF Ireland’s strategic objectives and policies.
• Be the liaison between staff members and the Directors/Trustees.
• Monitor and review staff performance and offer constructive feedback.
• Chair staff meetings or delegate as appropriate. Contribute to the agenda, at all times helping to identify, discuss and implement improvements to WWOOF Ireland and the staff team.
• To provide support and guidance to all staff, consultants and external contractors as required, and to identify training needs as these arise and support in identifying long term career pathways.
• Assist in staff and contractor recruitment.

Director/Trustee relations

• Foster a productive and constructive relationship with the Directors/Trustees.
• To provide insight, detail and opinions in the development of WWOOF Ireland's strategic and business planning.
• Work with the Directors/Trustees to deliver/develop appropriate and successful budgets for WWOOF Ireland.
• To be the primary communication link between WWOOF Ireland Directors/Trustees and WWOOF Ireland staff.
• Together with the Directors/Trustees define the roles of staff to meet project needs and strategic aims and ensure these roles are fulfilled.
• Arrange the WWOOF Ireland Directors/Trustees meetings and AGMs or delegate and monitor organisation. To contribute to the agenda, at all times helping to identify, discuss and implement improvements to WWOOF Ireland.
• Produce a report regarding activities and operations for each AGM meeting.
• Assisting with skills/needs evaluation of Council and assisting with recruitment and training of new/potential Directors/Trustees.

Global WWOOF

• To facilitate representation of WWOOF Ireland at European and Worldwide meetings and seek an appropriate person/team to participate where possible in these meetings.
• To maintain a sound knowledge of Global WWOOF activities.
• Maintain membership to where required/possible assisting FoWO with it’s aims.
• To liaise and support any international projects with which WWOOF Ireland is involved 

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