Scottish Renewables

As a trade association with over 260 members SCOTTISH RENEWABLES has presented a united voice for the renewable energy industry in Scotland since 1996.

SCOTTISH RENEWABLES is a forum of key players with interests including biomass, heat, hydro, micro, marine and wind technologies. Our members share a common interest in the development of renewables in Scotland.


  • Scottish Renewables supports the development and provision of a sustainable energy future for Scotland.
  • Sustainable energy comes from sources that are safe, clean and renewable, and which should also be secure, diverse and competitive.
  • Scottish Renewables therefore promotes the effective use of Scotland’s abundant wind, wave, hydro, biomass, solar, landfill gas and tidal resources to generate social, economic and environmental benefits for all.


Since our inception, the Scottish renewables industry has grown significantly and has made an important contribution in the delivery of climate change targets. It is our role to support this work, and ensure successful delivery of a sustainable renewables industry for Scotland.

To achieve this Scottish Renewables will:

  • Promote a vision of the “win-win” potential of renewables to create jobs and prosperity for Scotland, as well as safeguarding the environment, to encourage the adoption of targets and strategies which make the best use of our indigenous resources
  • Work with Government organisations, NGOs and other interested parties to formulate effective strategies, deliver agreed targets, and integrate renewables into the broader agenda for sustainable development in Scotland Facilitate networking for constructive dialogue between Members and Associates and other stakeholders through extensive events programme
  • Provide coherent, unified and authoritative representation of Members’ interests at the highest levels through meetings, briefings and responses to formal consultations Research, collate and disseminate information about renewables and business opportunities to serve the needs of Members and Associates
  • Provide professional and expert intelligence to Members through daily briefings, specialist working groups and a monthly newsletter


  • With a two tiered membership, Scottish Renewables provides the information required by its members either on an Associate of Commercial level
  • FULL MEMBER status is open to all commercial organisations involved with renewable energy and to legally constituted trade associations. Members can take an active role in developing and determining Scottish Renewables policy and actions. Members have the right to vote on Scottish Renewables matters on the basis of one vote per company, regardless of size.
  • ASSOCIATE MEMBER status is open to non-commercial organisations and individuals, who wish to be kept informed of Scottish Renewables activity, to be consulted on Scottish Renewables policies and responses to public consultations and involved in Scottish Renewables events.
  • Membership Application Form can be found on the Membership Pages of the Scottish Renewables website:

3rd Floor, 49 Bath Street
Glasgow G2 2DL
T: 0141 353 4980
F: 0141 353 4989

Scottish Renewables is largely funded through subscriptions from Members who receive benefits commensurate with membership of a Trade Association.

Scottish Renewables is a company limited by Guarantee, registered in Scotland, with Directors appointed as representatives of each renewable energy technology in Scotland.

Types of Renewable Energy jobs

Types of Wind Industry Jobs
Turbine R&D
Turbine Design
Turbine Production
Tower Production
Gearbox and Components production
Quality Control
Environmental Impact assessment
Environmental Monitoring
Planning regulations & Policy
Public/Community Relations
Wind Farm Development
Wind Power Engineer
Wind Farm Development Manager
On-site Construction
Civil Engineering
Grid Connection
High Voltage specialist
Project manager
Technical Director
Wind Industry forecasting & Assessment
Wind Farm software (e.g. WAsP, Windfarm, Windpro)
3d modelling software
Wind Resource Analyst
Off-shore specialist
Wind Farm Operations
Turbine Technician (Operations & Maintenance)
Operations Manager
Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition

Types of Wave & Tidal Power Jobs
Electrical engineer Tidal Power
Power Systems Engineer
Technical Officer
Electrical engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Structural Engineer
Offshore Development Manager
EIA Offshore advisor
Chief Technology Officer
Naval architect
Electrical Controls Engineer
Offshore projects Manager
Offshore Development Manager
Grid Connections Consultant
Prototype designer
Marine ecology
Environmental Impact assessment
Ocean energy technology manager
Health & Safety Manager
Wave scientist
Marine energy engineer
Marine Operations Manager
Patent Specialist
Marine Scientists

Types of Hydropower jobs
Hydropower Mechanical Engineer
Site Supervisor – Hydropower
Civil Engineer
Hydropower Component Machinist
Hydropower Construction Sheet Metal Worker
Hydropower Operations Maintenance Worker
Hydropower Plant Efficiency Operator
Hydropower Plant Installation Technician
Operations Supervisor
Hydro-Electric Power Generation Engineer
Supervisory Facilities Specialist
Project Manager
Water Resource Program manager
Marine and Fish Biologists
Hydropower Electrical Engineer
Hydropower Structural Engineer
Fisheries Biologist
Electrical Engineer
Principal Dam Hydropower engineer
QA Engineer
Hydropower Civil project manager
Senior Plant Leader
Hydropower Structures Project Manager
Hydropower mechanical maintenance
Renewable energy & Power systems Scientist/Engineer
Hydro Modelling

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