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About Us

The Solar Trade Association (STA) is the leading voice for the solar industry in the UK. We represent both the solar heating and solar power renewable energy sector groups. It was established in 1978 as a not-for-profit association and we now have over 350 companies ranging from large manufacturers, through to distributers, installers, consultancy firms and training bodies. In addition, it has a rapidly growing contingent of overseas members looking to do business in the UK. Through its affiliation with the REA, it is the most influential trade association in these sectors.

The STA works closely with Government and its officials on policy areas that effect solar’s deployment including financial incentives, planning, building regulations and taxation. It also engages heavily on technical and training issues. In addition, the STA provides expert advice on all these issues to its membership either individually or through its regular member meetings and news letters.

The STA’s four key objectives are to:

1) Champion solar to investors, decision-makers and in the media to maximise positive perceptions

2) Promote high standards and strengthen the industry’s reputation through our technical and issue-specific working groups

3) Listen and respond diligently to membership needs to optimise membership satisfaction

4) Retain STA’s position as the most influential solar trade association with Government and be recognised by all stakeholders as the voice of the solar industry.


The STA is overseen by a Board of Directors and policy is decided on the principle of one member, one vote. Currently, beneath the Board there are several working groups covering: policy and lobbying, training, separate technical groups for PV and ST as well as groups for manufacturers, construction and merchant sectors.

Our Members

The STA’s corporate membership consists of over 350 companies ranging from large manufacturers, through to distributors, installers, consultancy firms and training bodies. It also has a rapidly growing contingent of overseas members looking to do business in the UK. The STA is also affiliated to the Renewable Energy Association (REA) which has a membership of over 900.

Why Join The STA?

The STA’s objective is to grow sustainably solar’s share of the UK’s energy mix. We undertake policy development and provide expert advice and analysis to government departments, agencies, regulators, NGOs and other stakeholders. As well as helping to shape the Association’s policies, members also remain informed of key changes to both UK and European policy. Further benefits include networking at our industry events and regular working group meetings, access to technical and training advice and to our online library.

Solar Trade Association
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