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TalentScotland showcases the abundant opportunities for renewable energy professionals in Scotland. 

As home to one of Europe’s most vibrant and diverse renewable energy industries, Scotland attracts the world’s leading companies, engineers and scientists.

About Scotland’s Renewable Energy Industry

The fast-growing wind, wave, tidal and biomass industries of Scotland offer many exciting energy industry job opportunities to help achieve ambitious production targets. Scotland has fully embraced renewable energy, meaning now is the time to seek work within this industry.

By 2020, the Scottish Government aims for 50% of Scotland's energy to come from renewable sources. Considerable investment has been committed to achieve this target, with cutting-edge research being carried out by many Scottish businesses and universities.

TalentScotland features in-depth information on renewable energy companies in Scotland, interviews with people in the sector who have moved to Scotland to live and work and current job vacancies.

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Types of Renewable Energy jobs

Types of Wind Industry Jobs
Turbine R&D
Turbine Design
Turbine Production
Tower Production
Gearbox and Components production
Quality Control
Environmental Impact assessment
Environmental Monitoring
Planning regulations & Policy
Public/Community Relations
Wind Farm Development
Wind Power Engineer
Wind Farm Development Manager
On-site Construction
Civil Engineering
Grid Connection
High Voltage specialist
Project manager
Technical Director
Wind Industry forecasting & Assessment
Wind Farm software (e.g. WAsP, Windfarm, Windpro)
3d modelling software
Wind Resource Analyst
Off-shore specialist
Wind Farm Operations
Turbine Technician (Operations & Maintenance)
Operations Manager
Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition

Types of Wave & Tidal Power Jobs
Electrical engineer Tidal Power
Power Systems Engineer
Technical Officer
Electrical engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Structural Engineer
Offshore Development Manager
EIA Offshore advisor
Chief Technology Officer
Naval architect
Electrical Controls Engineer
Offshore projects Manager
Offshore Development Manager
Grid Connections Consultant
Prototype designer
Marine ecology
Environmental Impact assessment
Ocean energy technology manager
Health & Safety Manager
Wave scientist
Marine energy engineer
Marine Operations Manager
Patent Specialist
Marine Scientists

Types of Hydropower jobs
Hydropower Mechanical Engineer
Site Supervisor – Hydropower
Civil Engineer
Hydropower Component Machinist
Hydropower Construction Sheet Metal Worker
Hydropower Operations Maintenance Worker
Hydropower Plant Efficiency Operator
Hydropower Plant Installation Technician
Operations Supervisor
Hydro-Electric Power Generation Engineer
Supervisory Facilities Specialist
Project Manager
Water Resource Program manager
Marine and Fish Biologists
Hydropower Electrical Engineer
Hydropower Structural Engineer
Fisheries Biologist
Electrical Engineer
Principal Dam Hydropower engineer
QA Engineer
Hydropower Civil project manager
Senior Plant Leader
Hydropower Structures Project Manager
Hydropower mechanical maintenance
Renewable energy & Power systems Scientist/Engineer
Hydro Modelling

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