The Renewable Energy Association

The Renewable Energy Association was established in 2001 to represent British renewable energy producers, to provide a united voice for the renewables industry and to promote the use of sustainable energy in the UK. Since then we have grown rapidly to our current membership of just under 600.

Our membership is active across the whole spectrum of renewables: electric power, heat and biofuels. We represent a wide variety of organisations, including generators, project developers, fuel and power suppliers, equipment producers and service providers. Members range in size from major multinationals to sole traders. Our main objective is to secure the best legislative and regulatory framework for expanding renewable energy production in the UK. We undertake policy development and provide input to government departments, agencies, regulators, NGOs and others. 

Other activities and services include;

·Conferences Seminars and Workshops
·Public affairs and industry PR
·Dissemination of information, including publications and newsletter
·Information on technical, legal, commercial and environmental matters
·Training courses and career opportunities
·Member networking

We welcome new members and offer a variety of membership grades.

Advantages of REA Membership:

Policy and Strategy development - Direct input into REA policy formulation. 
Members are alerted to upcoming consultations. We co-ordinate members’ responses via email and sector group meetings, which are submitted to government.  We also give oral evidence to specific parliamentary committees, as well as meeting regularly with Ministers, officials and opposition MPs.

Membership of Sector Groups
Members are entitled to join specific sector groups depending on their membership grade.For more information on sector groups see below.

Access to policy and sector experts
We retain a number of specialist advisors with industrial expertise in individual sectors, to support the activities of the Sector Groups and policy development in general.

Direct input into REA projects
The REA carries out research projects to improve conditions for renewables

Company listing on our website and yearbook
The REA maintains a public listing of all members online.  The listing is searchable, so interested parties can search our membership via technology or sector to find all relevant companies working in that area.
Each member has their own web page on the site and can maintain their own profile with the ability to upload job adverts, company events and other content which are incorporated into the main website. . The REA website currently receives about 32,000 hits per week. Members are also listed in our yearbook.

Regular Newsletter
Members receive our weekly newsletter keeping members up to date with what is happening in the news and in government.  We also give out information about various opportunities for members such as UK Trade and Investment opportunities, potential tendering contracts and information seminars run by us or others.

Discounts and Freebies
REA members are entitled to discounts to REA events and some third party events, training sessions and seminars Members can also post job adverts on our website for free.

REA Logo
Members are entitled to carry the REA Logo, which establishes the credibility that comes with belonging to the leading renewables body.

The REA runs a number of sector groups, open to members.  The number of sector groups you are entitled to attend (at no additional cost) is determined by the category of membership.

Visit our website for more information.

Contact Information

Renewable Energy Association
Fifth Floor
17 Waterloo place

Tel: 020 7925 3570
Fax: 020 7925 2715

Types of Renewable Energy jobs

Types of Wind Industry Jobs
Turbine R&D
Turbine Design
Turbine Production
Tower Production
Gearbox and Components production
Quality Control
Environmental Impact assessment
Environmental Monitoring
Planning regulations & Policy
Public/Community Relations
Wind Farm Development
Wind Power Engineer
Wind Farm Development Manager
On-site Construction
Civil Engineering
Grid Connection
High Voltage specialist
Project manager
Technical Director
Wind Industry forecasting & Assessment
Wind Farm software (e.g. WAsP, Windfarm, Windpro)
3d modelling software
Wind Resource Analyst
Off-shore specialist
Wind Farm Operations
Turbine Technician (Operations & Maintenance)
Operations Manager
Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition

Types of Wave & Tidal Power Jobs
Electrical engineer Tidal Power
Power Systems Engineer
Technical Officer
Electrical engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Structural Engineer
Offshore Development Manager
EIA Offshore advisor
Chief Technology Officer
Naval architect
Electrical Controls Engineer
Offshore projects Manager
Offshore Development Manager
Grid Connections Consultant
Prototype designer
Marine ecology
Environmental Impact assessment
Ocean energy technology manager
Health & Safety Manager
Wave scientist
Marine energy engineer
Marine Operations Manager
Patent Specialist
Marine Scientists

Types of Hydropower jobs
Hydropower Mechanical Engineer
Site Supervisor – Hydropower
Civil Engineer
Hydropower Component Machinist
Hydropower Construction Sheet Metal Worker
Hydropower Operations Maintenance Worker
Hydropower Plant Efficiency Operator
Hydropower Plant Installation Technician
Operations Supervisor
Hydro-Electric Power Generation Engineer
Supervisory Facilities Specialist
Project Manager
Water Resource Program manager
Marine and Fish Biologists
Hydropower Electrical Engineer
Hydropower Structural Engineer
Fisheries Biologist
Electrical Engineer
Principal Dam Hydropower engineer
QA Engineer
Hydropower Civil project manager
Senior Plant Leader
Hydropower Structures Project Manager
Hydropower mechanical maintenance
Renewable energy & Power systems Scientist/Engineer
Hydro Modelling

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