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The Combined Heat and Power Association is one of the leading industry bodies active in the sustainable and clean energy sector. The Association is a representative body supported by member subscription. It has over 90 members active across a range of technologies and markets, from micro-CHP to major utility-scale energy plants serving industrial processes and city-wide district heating systems. Our aim is to support our members’ interests through the development and maintenance of positive market conditions for CHP.

The Combined Heat and Power Association works to promote the wider use of combined heat and power (CHP) and community heating.

CHP works by recovering heat from the power generation process and putting it to work in industry, buildings and homes. Making the most efficient use of scarce and expensive fossil-fuel, CHP can mitigate our dependency on gas and help maintain the viability of our strategic energy and industrial installations.

CHP technology is now in use in a large and growing number of locations in the UK and it is likely that there will be at least double of today's 3.8GWe of capacity by the year 2010. This will bring with it many environmental gains including significant reductions in emissions of greenhouse gases.

However some of the more significant gains come from the development of community heating networks which use CHP as their heat source. Such systems are widely used in many of the Scandinavian countries, albeit in different political and economic circumstances.

Yet the UK has the building blocks essential to the development of these larger systems. For instance, over 2% of Britain's houses are already heated by district heating.

From these, as well as a number of new sites, could grow the community heating networks of tomorrow. The essential tools to achieve this are at the disposal of local and central government. What is needed is the political vision to take what already exists and transform it into a new, environmentally friendly, energy resource.

Our Aims

The aim of the CHPA is to promote the wider use of combined heat and power and community heating. To do this, the Association works with its members, Government and other non-Government organisations to:
* address the barriers that currently face CHP and Community Heating;
* ensure that when Government policies are developed they allow CHP and Community Heating to play their full role in delivering economic, social and environmental benefits to the UK;
* educate and inform Government, business and the wider community about the benefits of CHP and the great potential that exists in the UK to take advantage of it.

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Types of CHP jobs

Geothermal Heat Pump Machinist
Geothermal Sheet Metal Worker
Geothermal Engineering Intern
Geothermal Electrical Engineer
Geothermal Power Generation
Geothermal Plant Installation Technician
Geothermal Plant Efficiency Operator
Geothermal Operations Engineer
Geothermal Engineering, Design & Project Management
Health and Safety Manager
Geothermal Mechanical Engineer
Geothermal Electrical Engineer
Geothermal Power Plant Structural
Mechanical Engineer
Systems Design Engineer
CHP Manager
Project Engineer
Feild Service Technician (Generators/CHP)
Principal Energy Consultant
Senior Electrcial Engineer
Power Technical Consultant
Generator Maintenance Supervisor
Project Manager - Turbine Overhaul
Principal Power Generation engineer

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