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Putting Wild Salmon First and Science into Action

The wild Atlantic salmon population is in drastic decline. In the mid 1980s, there were between 8 and 10 million adult salmon swimming around the Atlantic. That number has now plummeted to between 2 and 3 million, revealing a dramatic population freefall that shows no signs of levelling out. So much so, that the wild Atlantic salmon could become an endangered species in the near future, disappearing from our seas and rivers altogether in just 20 or 30 years. This is a warning we simply cannot ignore.

The Atlantic Salmon Trust exists solely for the protection of wild salmon and their close relatives, sea trout. It is our aim to create a positive future for these at-risk species; using scientific research to understand the reasons for their decline, and using the generous donations from our supporters to put evidence-based solutions into practice.

Wild Atlantic salmon are an iconic species with a remarkable history. They are uniquely placed to inform us of the quality of our waters, and form an incredibly important part of the ecosystem of our rivers, estuaries and seas. We cannot afford to lose them—and that’s why everything we do at the Trust is designed to put #WildSalmonFirst.

Gathering Evidence

The key to halting and reversing this ongoing decline is information, which allows us to make informed decisions to bring about positive changes. Current projects—such as the Moray Firth Tracking Project and the West Coast Tracking Project—are investigating what happens on the salmon’s journey from river to sea, and identifying steps we can take to increase the rate of survival.

Developing Restoration Solutions

It’s important that we don’t simply gather the evidence, but also ensure that this evidence results in the action on the ground that our wild salmon desperately need. Our new Core River projects, such as Project Laxford, are acting as testbeds for our restoration solutions at a catchment-wide scale – a scale that matters.

Building Partnerships

Only by sharing our evidence and restoration solutions with others can we achieve a bright future for wild Atlantic salmon across their range. That’s why almost everything we do involves partnerships with others, whether that’s with Fishery Boards and Trusts, governments and NGOs, or local communities and businesses.

Your Donations Turn Science into Action

There are plenty of ways in which you can support our work, our wild salmon and the environment we all depend on:

- By making a general donation, or donating to a specific research project.
- By joining as a monthly supporter – The Salmon Club.
- By becoming a major donor of the Trust and joining The President’s Club.

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