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Crawley Borough Council

Town Hall
The Boulevard
West Sussex
United Kingdom (UK)
RH10 1UZ
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Crawley Borough Council is the local authority for Crawley, in West Sussex, providing local services in a town of approximately 100,000 people. These services include waste management, housing, planning, leisure, taxation, environmental and community services.

Our Values and Behaviours

Are we the perfect match?

Our shared values and behaviours reflect the special nature of our council. They describe what is important to us and what we can expect from each other in the way we do our work.

Whilst we really value the knowledge, skills and experience you can bring to the role you are interested in, we especially want to hear from you if our way of working matches yours too.

We are passionate about Crawley
This means making a difference for Crawley, its residents and visitors is at the heart of what we do
We do this by:

- Delivering what matters to Crawley.
- Making our services simple and easy to access.
- Listening to the needs of our residents and customers, encouraging feedback and making improvements as a result.
- Offering support in different ways in an effort to include everyone.
- Being responsible for delivering high quality services.
- Using evidence to decide how best to use our resources.
- Being passionate about our work and our diverse community.
- Being reliable and keeping our promises.

We work as one council
This means working together to deliver the council’s priorities
We do this by:

- Working as one team to share information, ideas, learning and support.
- Communicating with others in a clear, open and honest way.
- Listening to each other, to different ideas and thinking about the impact we have on others.
- Encouraging each other to change how we work for the better.
- Using our knowledge and experience to help colleagues, acting as a helpful friend.

We are innovative
This means understanding and embracing the need for change with a “can do” attitude
We do this by:

- Being willing to ask questions, try new ideas and encourage creativity.
- Improving how we work by thinking about the future, coming up with ideas and using technology.
- Being brave, unconventional and inspiring so the council can cope with future demands.
- Taking a commercial approach to ensure we deliver the most efficient and value for money services.
- Being prepared to do things differently, encouraging others along the way, especially when it is difficult.

We work at our best
This means always looking for opportunities to improve how we work as individuals and as part of a wider team
We do this by:

- Performing to the best of our ability and asking for support when needed
- Showing mutual respect, acting professionally and, when necessary, challenging inappropriate behaviour positively
- Adopting a flexible and adaptable approach to work
- Being curious, open to learning and creating a culture of no blame
- Being ambassadors for the council and championing these values and behaviours

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