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EarthSense was formed with the sole aim of enabling the world to understand and solve its air quality issues.

We intend to help by providing the most detailed global air quality information, showing real-time exposure and actionable future forecasting that enables decisions and mitigations, for the betterment of human health. Air quality is a fast-growing area of operation and EarthSense has helped the likes of BBC and ITV promote the dangers of breathing poor air, along with all of our blue-chip, global clients who are taking positive steps to reduce air pollution.

Providing a number of data, software and hardware services, our dynamic team has unparalleled air quality expertise in sensor design, pollution modelling and analysis and we use this to provide advice and support to government and industry globally.

As an outcome of our fast growth, we are looking to recruit a number of highly capable and ambitious individuals, who will enable the next stage of our business evolution, establishing key positions in our exciting company.

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