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ECAS has extensive experience in dealing with the water industry and with private sector landlords – in fact, we’ve over 25 years’ experience in wastewater management, both nationally and internationally.

Internationally, we’re proud to say we designed, developed and executed the first FOG management programme in a European city. Water companies approach us because we’re competent working in highly regulated industries, like the water sector.
Our people are skilled, trained and accredited in a variety of areas that are perfectly suited to the water industry, including: technical engineering, auditing expertise, compliance and risk management and reporting, regulation adherence, health and safety practices, and conflict management and mitigation.

On behalf of water utilities and commercial landlords, we proactively liaise with food service establishments (FSE’s), to make sure they’re disposing of fats, oils and grease in the right way – rather than pouring it down sinks and drains, where it enters the sewer network and causes blockages. We also advise, educate and support businesses and organisations, on how to properly discharge of trade effluent, while running their day-to-day operations.
Typically, we perform audits of premises, provide recommendations, deliver training on processes, offer advice on what equipment to use and install – plus ongoing guidance on how to remain compliant. In a nutshell, we work in partnership with water companies to help them deliver their business plans and strategic objectives.

Typically, there are two areas we get asked to offer our knowledge and expertise on. Firstly, many commercial landlords of shopping centres, office blocks and public facilities such as airports and train stations – have a number of food service establishments (FSEs) within their buildings that discharge of fats, oils and grease (FOG). We proactively advise on how to properly dispense with FOG – instead of pouring it down sinks and drains – eventually reaching the sewer network and causing blockages. All of which can lead to flooding in premises and environmental pollution in streams and rivers.

In summary, the typical business activities include:

• Fats, oils and grease (FOG) discharge auditing
• Kitchens extract auditing
• Air condition and AHU auditing
• Air testing
• Water testing
• Legionella and portable water testing
• Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) compliance audits

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