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EcoCrops International is a multinational agroforestry management company, whom offer a number of forestry and agricultural related services for it’s investors. From the sourcing stage, through to the management, harvesting, and marketing of the final product, EcoCrops are on hand to provide an integrated forestry investment model that maximise’s the owners income from their agricultural asset.

Our primary focus is the production of agriculture feedstock for the Global Bio-Fuels sector, establishing a number of forestry plantations which provide a secure and sustainable source of biomass for the local and international energy markets.

EcoCrops International’s clients range from private individuals through to large landownersr and institutional investors. Our team is on hand to provide a tailored and bespoke forestry management package, offering innovative propositions that create wealth via ethical and sustainable projects.



EcoCrops International’s strategy is simple, strategically positioned forestry plantations feeding the local and international markets, whilst delivering our clients value via leveraging on the continued and ever-growing market demand for Biomass Wood Pellets.

ECI establishes it’s core operations in politically and economically stable locations, which offer robust domestic markets, coupled with logistically direct links to core international exit routes.

Offering a vertically-integrated model, ECI is able to maintain tight control of costs, processes and operational levies both domestic and international. Furthermore, our trading agreements allow for realistic assumptions for our client’s returns, adopting a base case scenario approach with every project.

EcoCrops International continually looks to identify growth markets, actively sourcing pioneering and innovative agroforestry based propositions, whilst taking an ethical approach to ensure our footprint improves the environment today and our future tomorrow.

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