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Everoze is an employee-owned renewables and energy storage consultancy. Our unique strength is bridging the gap between the technical and the commercial.

We’re a team of 40 consultants who are flexible, experienced and interdisciplinary. We’re spread across Europe and active in energy markets throughout the world.

We work closely with our clients to make projects, companies and technologies futureproof and financeable and we are a trusted adviser to some of the biggest brands in the sector.

We offer:

• Due Diligence on Demand: Working smarter to rapidly evaluate risk and opportunity.
• Project Support: Applying experienced eyes to improve asset performance and add value to project development.
• Strategic Support: Deploying effective people with the right industry know-how to address technical, commercial and strategic challenges.

The renewables and electricity sectors are going through a period of fundamental technical, economic and regulatory change. Everoze exists to be a trusted partner to businesses affected by these changes by identifying, understanding and acting on the opportunities and risks inherent in change.

Most importantly, the results we produce are accurate, insightful, timely and well communicated so that our clients can act with confidence whether they are seeking to minimise risk, identify opportunities or maximise asset performance.

What we believe:

Clean energy is becoming the rational economic solution as well as the sustainable one. Everoze exists to help navigate this disrupted landscape, unlocking value in the sweet-spot between the technical and the commercial.

We believe in:

• The transformational power of technology: In most power markets renewables are already the cheapest form of new generation. Advances in enabling technologies and market innovations including energy storage mean that the majority of our electricity can be generated by renewables in the decades ahead, even when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun isn’t shining.
• Positive, proactive and flexible support: We listen carefully to our clients. We are flexible on where, when and how we work. We respond rapidly and accurately. We are interested in both risk and opportunity. When we table problems, we table solutions.
• Experience: Our team has the seniority and perspective to deal with complex detail whilst not losing sight of the bigger picture, helping to ensure smarter decisions and investments within a highly competitive marketplace.

We are passionate about working in close partnership with our clients and other like-minded experts – adding unique value to the unfolding energy revolution.

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