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Flintshire, as the largest local authority in North Wales, is a high performing council known for innovation in public services ranging from social housing to social services to waste management to anti-poverty.

We are proud of our track record of protecting and valuing community-based services during a prolonged period of austerity.

Building on our successes

Innovation is synonymous with Flintshire County Council.

Here in Flintshire, we are committed to the provision of local services for local people and work closely with communities, partners, businesses and employees to provide a range of new, innovative and sustainable services.

For over a decade Flintshire County Council, along with every Council in the UK, has been managing the consequences of year-on-year reductions in UK and Welsh Government funding.

Even during these austere times, the Council has remained ambitious.

What We do

Flintshire provides local public services for 156,100 people who live in 69,729 households.

With 6,113 staff we are the second largest employer in the County and provide services including, education, housing, leisure, libraries, planning, refuse collection, environmental health, recycling, roads, social services, trading standards, transport and tourism.

Flintshire has 78 schools (64 Primary, 11 Secondary, 2 Specialist, 1 PRU) attended by 23,716 pupils.

Social services support over 5000 adults and 2000 children each year.

Flintshire has seven libraries, ten sports and leisure centres (eight of these are managed by Aura Wales and two are Community Asset Transfers), three country parks and maintains 1174.8 km of County road.

Housing and Assets manage and maintain approximately 7312 council owned properties which includes 1460 sheltered properties.

Life in Flintshire

The 'gateway' to North Wales

Set in a prime location Flintshire offers something for everyone.

Superb road and rail links provide easy access into Wales and the whole of the UK.

The quality of life in Flintshire is supported by competitive property prices, excellent leisure and educational facilities, and accessible countryside and coastal walks.

Flintshire’s town centres offer a choice of independent and high street shops, supplemented by vibrant street markets and specialised festivals.

Rural Flintshire is a landscape of incredible variety with plenty to explore.

Working for Flintshire

The Council recognises that the ability to communicate in Welsh is an important and valuable skill in the workplace and is committed to increasing the numbers of bilingual employees. We welcome applications in both English and Welsh, applications received in Welsh will not be treated less favourably than English applications. We will also support new and existing employees who wish to learn Welsh or improve / develop their Welsh language skills.

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