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Our shared vision - to make Knowsley: The Borough of Choice

“We want Knowsley to have a sustainable and diverse population with successful townships that provide a sense of place and community.”

Knowsley Council is committed to sharing as much information about our programmes and plans as possible.
From the Strategy for Knowsley to plans and strategies for young people, this section highlights information on all of our key plans and strategies across the council.

Strategy for Knowsley

The Strategy for Knowsley sets out the Knowsley Partnership's vision to make Knowsley the 'Borough of Choice' by 2023. The strategy is about agreeing common issues and priorities for Knowsley and identifying where a difference can be made to people’s lives by working differently and together.

Corporate plan

The Corporate Plan sets out the council’s key priorities for the next four years: a sustainable budget strategy; sustainable children’s services; improvement in adult social care; and business growth, jobs and housing. The plan explains the financial challenges faced by the council and how adopting new approaches can help us to meet them.

The vision is to make Knowsley the ‘Borough of Choice’. Whilst the physical assets of the borough - its green space, leisure facilities, its infrastructure and connectivity - are of very high quality, its greatest potential asset is its people and their families.

To help deliver this vision, the Council has identified three outcomes within its Corporate Plan 2017-2020:

- Listen to and collaborate with the community
- Promote an inclusive and trusting working environment
- Embed quality within all we do

City Region

Knowsley is working together with other local authorities to address key issues. The Liverpool City Region Combined Authority provides transparent and accountable strategic decision making for economic development, transport, strategic housing and employment and skills functions.


Act with integrity

- Demonstrates honesty, reliability and trustworthiness
- Does the ‘right’ thing
- Demonstrates consistency
- Acts according to a consistent set of morals, values and principles at all times

Being accountable

- Acknowledges and assumes responsibility for actions and decisions
- Takes ownership and responsibility for resulting consequences and does not seek to apportion blame on others

Openness and transparency

- Makes decisions in an open and transparent manner
- Shares information whenever possible
- Explains when information can’t be shared
- Is open to new ideas and new ways of working

Respect for people

- Champions equality and diversity with all people at all levels
- Treats people in the way they would like to be treated
- Values people and their contributions
- Shows consideration for others through thought and action

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