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Natural Power

The Greenhouse
Forrest Estate Dalry
Castle Douglas
United Kingdom (UK)
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Natural Power started back in 1995. In the early days we had a clear purpose to tackle the very real fear of climate change and to help to create a better environment for future generations. To begin with, the ambition was to raise awareness around the debate about climate change and to start offsetting carbon from fossil fuels by promoting renewable energy.

We grew through recruiting passionate, enthusiastic people who believed in what we were doing and were willing to work together to achieve it. We avoided an overly corporate approach, preferring to be flexible and driven by our beliefs. We were and continue to be pioneering.

Our beliefs and philosophy have not changed, but we have increased our focus on economics and delivering value to our clients.

Our Mission, Vision and Values ensure that we as a team, are ready. Ready for the future challenges of the renewables industry and ready for the opportunities that will present themselves in this ever evolving market. While we embrace these new challenges, we honour the original beliefs that have inspired our success.

It’s about making renewables the technology of the future and continuing in our quest to create a better environment.

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