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Founded in 2013 by four scientists, we have grown into an interdisciplinary team all working towards the shared vision of a world in which seagrass meadows are thriving, abundant and well managed for people and planet.


Seagrass meadows are among the most common coastal habitats on Earth, covering at least 266,562 km2 in at least 136 countries. They nurture fish populations, weaken storm surges, and provide numerous other services to coastal communities. Seagrass ecosystems are biologically rich and highly productive, providing valuable nursery habitats to more than 20 per cent of the world’s largest 25 fisheries. They can filter pathogens, bacteria, and pollution out of seawater, and are home to endangered and charismatic species such as dugongs, seahorses, and sea turtles.

But they are globally threatened with a number of the world’s estimated 73 seagrass species currently in decline. Since the late 19th century, almost 20 per cent of known seagrass area across the globe has been lost. Reversing this trend is possible.

Our projects that secure a future for seagrass are aligned with our three core pillars: Community, Research and Action

Our Mission

Our mission is to lead societal change to enable the recognition, recovery and resilience of seagrass ecosystems globally; that provide biodiversity, equitable and sustainable livelihoods, and planetary life support.

Project Seagrass is a global facing environmental charity devoted to the conservation of seagrass ecosystems through:


We are creating a community around seagrass by generating awareness and understanding of these critical habitats. We collaborate with governments, organisations, businesses and individuals to save, protect and restore seagrass.


We lead, champion and communicate cutting-edge scientific research which underpins everything we do. We provide and advocate for open-access data to enable effective conservation action and address the global challenges facing seagrass.


We conserve, restore and advocate for seagrass meadows all over the world. We develop and deploy methods and tools to make saving the world’s seagrass a reality.


A world in which seagrass meadows are thriving, abundant and well managed for people and planet.


Project Seagrass was created with the intention with reversing the loss of seagrass by turning research into effective conservation action and communication through partnerships with local communities and other stakeholders.

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