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Sound and Fair Group is a wood processing company producing and distributing timber and wooden products internationally from a sawmill in Tanzania.

The company supports the sustainable management of Tanzania’s forests through the exclusive purchase of FSC 100% logs from community-managed forests and is a major contributor to socio-economic development in local village communities.

Sound and Fair began its work in 2009 as a campaign to promote the Chain of Custody (CoC) for FSC® 100% African blackwood from community-managed forests in Tanzania and, by 2011, had helped secure orders from various musical instrument manufacturers.

Sound and Fair Limited was incorporated in the UK and Tanzania in 2012 as a social enterprise committed to the fair and ethical trade of timber from community-managed forests and carried out extensive commercial trials during the period from 2012-2015.

Since 2016, Sound and Fair has been developing a wood processing facility in partnership with Nanjirinji village, close to the primary FSC certified forests, and expects to export the first shipments of FSC 100% wood from Tanzania by the end of 2018.

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