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Ensuring the Built Environment enhances Life without Costing the Earth.

SRE is one of the UK's leading sustainability and energy consultancies.

SRE has worked with more than 400 clients, on over 2,000 projects throughout the UK and is well respected within the construction and renewable energy industries. Over 80% of our work is for return clients.

Our highly trained and experienced in-house consultants work with architects and developers throughout the UK on residential, commercial and mixed-use schemes, offering a wide range of skills and providing accurate, timely and high-quality technical and strategic advice.

Our clients consistently comment on the positive and personable qualities of all at SRE, and the benefits of going to an independent consultancy for all they need to ensure their developments meet the ever more stringent requirements of sustainable design and construction.

SRE is continuously identifying and assessing innovative technologies and sustainable construction methods that will provide effective solutions for new and existing developments.

Since SRE’s inception in 2005, the company has been fully committed to Corporate Social Responsibility. Initiatives have been taken both within the running of the company and outwardly to all stakeholders.

SRE recognises that all activities undertaken by the company impact the local, national and global environment.

Since the company’s inception in March 2005, SRE has always endeavoured to minimise the environmental impact of its activities through resource conservation, waste disposal, energy use and supply chain initiatives. SRE also actively seeks ways to enhance our local environment wherever possible.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to the development of a sustainable built environment.

We believe that the high environmental performance of buildings can be achieved with cost-effective measures that do not sacrifice building design.

We achieve our high level of client satisfaction by listening carefully to our clients’ needs and aspirations. We do not impose a solution but instead work with our clients to achieve the best possible outcome for their project.

We are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility and honest working practices.


We offer a range of service and these include:

- Energy Strategies & Statements
- Sustainability Statements
- Building Regulation Compliance (Part L & Part G)
- Passivhaus
- Thermal Bridge Calculations (Psi Values)
-Renewable Energy Feasibility
- Post Occupancy Evaluation
- Building Performance Analysis
- Daylight Modelling
- Micro climate analysis
- Daylight, Sunlight and Overshadowing
- Visual Comfort and Reflection Studies
- Thermal Comfort

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