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Synchronicity Earth is a UK-based conservation organisation established in 2009 with an ambitious vision: An Earth in which all life is valued, celebrated and flourishing. We work to address overlooked and underfunded conservation challenges for globally threatened species and ecosystems.

Synchronicity Earth has developed a set of six programmes to support and fund a wide range of work, from policy and data projects through to on the ground conservation. We particularly focus on local and grassroot partners (over 70 in 2020) working around the world (in 45 countries) across the following focal areas: Amphibians, Asian Species, Congo Basin, Freshwater, Marine and Flourishing Diversity – a programme recently developed to support Indigenous Peoples and local communities to defend their territories and protect and revive their biocultural diversity.

Our funding model is unique. Our in-house team of conservation experts, the ‘Research Team’, work to build the programmatic portfolios of grantees. We build long-lasting relationships with these organisations supporting them to grow and strengthen their capacity over time. We secure funds from external donors who wish to fund through us because they trust our science-led analysis and recognise the strength of our long-term relationships with locally-led organisations on the ground.

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