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We are passionate about renewable energy and all low carbon technologies. Helping clients deliver the right project for them, designed and built excellently and at the right price is what we are all about.

Notwithstanding our experience delivering many utility scale projects, our heart and true north lies in the world of embedded technologies.

Embedded? What does that mean? In simple terms it is when the generation and consumption of the energy are in the same place. As we move towards a fully electrified energy solution, a significant part of our future energy solution is going to have to be on site generation.

Today, in most locations across Europe, Wind power and Solar PV can generate power at 30%-50% of the alternative ‘delivered’ market cost – It is commercially viable today to generate energy at the point of consumption.

The other great benefit we gain from on site generation is the demonstrable reduction in energy consumption at these locations. Syzygy’s research using the data we hold for over 160 ’embedded’ generating installations shows a reduction in consumption of up to 20%. To that end, whilst understanding the technologies is of course non-negotiable, we are quite different to most consultancies in this sector – we also understand commercial real estate. Our team has over 20 years’ experience at the sharp end of developing, asset managing and valuing commercial real estate. We understand how it works, the occupier dynamic, leases, breaks, re-gears, service charges, dilaps, valuations and how therefore, we can help our real estate clients best commercialise the transition to onsite renewable energy.

If you ask one of our clients, which you are most welcome to do of course, what is it that sets us apart? They will probably tell you it is that we understand their industry and set the world of low carbon technologies in that context – helping them understand how they can apply these technologies to their property value enhancing strategy.


We built on the innovations of the past, with a focus on the problems of the present, to create solution for the future!

We provide end-to-end support to our clients, from inception through to the ongoing monitoring and operating of completed energy generating assets. We are passionate about what we do, but this passion never clouds our judgement – we absolutely understand that projects must meet the agreed objective and enable our clients’ to deliver their strategy. Every project is unique.

The challenge is identifying the best technical solution given the physical parameters we are working within, and the commercial objectives of our clients.

Since 2010, we have advised clients across the world, scoping, analysing, designing, procuring, project managing and operating over 150 renewable energy generating projects.

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