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The Crown Estate

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We are a specialist real estate business with an actively managed portfolio of high-quality assets in great locations.

By combining scale and expertise in our chosen sectors with a customer-focussed approach we deliver strong returns for the nation's finances.

We create brilliant places through conscious commercialism. This means we take a long-term view and consider what we do from every perspective.


We are a business driven by a strong set of values. We mean them, we are proud of them and we are respected for them by the people we work with and in the wider community.


We are committed to finding better ways to enhance the performance of our assets in a way that makes them fit for the future and helps our customers succeed. Whether we're creating world-class shopping destinations in London's West End; enhancing the role of retail and leisure in local communities; or unlocking the value of the UK seabed, we are driven by a determination to increase returns in the right way through leveraging our knowledge, relationships and scale within our chosen sectors.

In managing the business we take advantage of market conditions to maximise returns and manage risks. Our investment strategy is focussed on sectors where we have scale and critical mass, and where we can apply our expertise to add value through investment, development and asset management to deliver sustainable long-term results.

We continue to receive recognition for our commercialism. Our investment management was recognised at the IPE Real Estate Global Awards 2017, where we won Best Direct Strategy. Our St James's portfolio also won the 10 Year Relative Return Award at the 2017 UK Property Investment Awards, outperforming 193 other funds over the period.


Integrity and trust are behaviours more important than ever in today's business world, and across our four portfolios we deliver commercial return with integrity.

Working closely alongside tenants, communities, businesses, governments, and local authorities, to behave with integrity is essential if we wish to deliver our vision of being the UK's most respected property business.

We want our customers and communities to have confidence in us, to believe that the hallmark of The Crown Estate is 'Trust'. That is how we attract the best customers, and how we are able to work with the best partners. It is also why integrity - our second core value - goes to the heart of how we do business.


Our stewardship projects help to demonstrate our commitment to good management and conscious commercialism, as well as create sustainable added value over the long term. Stewardship is deeply engrained in our culture; because of our history and because of our heritage, we act at all times as good stewards of the properties we manage.

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