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UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre
219 Huntingdon Road
United Kingdom (UK)
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UN Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre is a world leader in biodiversity knowledge. It works with scientists and policy makers worldwide to place biodiversity at the heart of environment and development decision-making to enable enlightened choices for people and the planet.

Our vision

A world where decision makers in all sectors and at all levels recognize and take full account of the values of biodiversity as the bedrock of a global green economy and human well-being.

We are concerned with the multiple values of biodiversity, particularly where it is at risk, and the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem services that deliver human benefits.

Our mission

To provide authoritative information about biodiversity and ecosystem services in a way that is useful to decision makers who are driving change in environment and development policy.

By working with expert partners worldwide, we draw together, analyse and interpret information on biodiversity, and strengthen the ability of others to do so.

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