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Wilton Park plays a key role within the international community by analysing and advancing the agenda on global policy challenges. Our strategic discussions create and strengthen the links between ideas, policy development and delivery of practical results. We bring together leading representatives from the worlds of politics, diplomacy, academia, business, civil society, the military and the media to resolve issues of international security, prosperity and justice. Wilton Park creates a neutral environment where differing views can be expressed and debated openly, encouraging understanding and greater cooperation.

Our priorities include:

• Global economy
• Conflict prevention, resolution and state building
• Sustainable development and the environment
• Human rights, good governance and faith
• Defence and security
• Multilateral institutions, key countries and regions

Promoting innovation in global thinking

Wilton Park events provoke lively debate and encourage inclusivity among the policy makers and opinion formers who participate. Numbers are limited to give everyone the chance to share their views, and discussions are non-attributable to encourage frank exchange.

Our 2-3 day meetings allow plenty of time and space to share ideas; creating the ideal atmosphere for open dialogue, thoughtful problem solving and innovative strategy development. As well as roundtable discussions and small working groups, participants particularly benefit from the ample opportunities for informal networking.

Wilton Park’s highly experienced programme teams regularly recreate the unique style of our events at venues around the world. We also hold shorter events at central London locations, such as our 90 Minute Dialogues and Annual Address.

Developing a worldwide expert network

Wilton Park’s international reputation, expertise and strong relationships with governments enable us to convene authoritative, topical and productive events. A key strength is the ability to draw on our overseas networks to ensure a broad spectrum of participants reflecting a diverse range of disciplines and opinions.

Participants regularly meet new expert contacts and rediscover past professional acquaintances at our events. We encourage these evolving networks and facilitate the ongoing high level collaboration which shapes the agenda and advances international policy long after our meetings finish. We document and evaluate our conferences, producing final reports which participants use in future policy formulation.

Our strategic, intellectual and financial partnerships with like-minded organisations give us access to fresh expertise and allow us to develop our networks further.

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