The 9th China (Shanghai) International Wind Energy Exhibition and Conference

Wind-solar Complementary and Distributed Generation Technology and Equipment Exhibition 2015

May 13-15, 2015

Shanghai New International Expo Center


  • Chinese Wind Energy Equipment Association
  • Chinese Wind Energy Association
  • World Wind Energy Association
  • Renewable Energy Committee of Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering
  • Shanghai International Sourcing Promotion Center
  • MP International Pte Ltd
  • Shanghai Deray Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd.


MPZhongmao Deray International (Shanghai) Pte Ltd.

The 9th China (Shanghai) International Wind Energy Exhibition and Conference (‘CWEE2015‘ for short), which is jointly hosted by Chinese Wind Energy Equipment Association, Chinese Wind Energy Association, Renewable Energy Committee of Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering, World Wind Energy Association, and MPZhongmao Deray International (Shanghai) Pte Ltd. will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center on May 13-15, 2015.

Development Foreground and Outlook of Wind Power

It is known to all that the transformation of energy structure is now the common challenge faced by countries around the world. In most countries’ new energy structure, wind energy occupies very important strategic position, so to develop a sustainable and healthy wind energy industry has been a new topic to world’s energy field.

After ten years development, the ratio of wind power in power industry increases year by year. Wind power maintained steady and sustained development in 2014; new wind power bidding in the first half has exceeded 11.5 million kilowatts, compared to the same period of last year's 8 million KW, it grows by about 40%. The new wind power installed capacity is expected to exceed national goals of 18 million kilowatts.

According to the Twelfth Five-year Plan about the development of wind energy drafted by National Energy Administration, installed capacity in operation will reach a hundred million kilowatts by 2015, annual energy output can achieve 190 billion KwH, the proportion of wind power generating capacity in all generating capacity will be more than 3%, among which offshore wind power installed capacity will reach 5 million kilowatts.

To complete the Thirteenth Five-year Plan about the draft and research on development planning of wind energy, scientifically allocate overall development arrangement of wind energy projects during the Thirteenth Five-year Plan combining with wind energy resource distribution and market consumption conditions, strive to make new wind power installed capacity reach 20 million kilowatts every year during the Thirteenth Five-year Plan and ensure the goal of wind energy installed capacity reach 200 million kilowatts and annual energy output reach 390 billion KwH can be realized is far more important.

Review of Last Show

Last exhibition was held concurrent with the 13th World Wind Energy Conference. There were about 500 representatives engaged in wind and renewable energy technology field attending this great event from over 20 countries and regions around the world. During the 3-day conference, about 130 foreign and domestic speakers launched reports at over 20 plenary conferences. Topics covered: National policies and markets; Regional and national strategies for system optimization; Extreme climate and special conditions; Hybrid systems and microgrids; Key Components; Wind farm planning and operation; Small wind power application; Quality control, testing and certification.

Last exhibition attracted 145 exhibitors and 16,015 visitors with 21,000 sqm of exhibition space. Wind turbine enterprises like Goldwind, Guodian United Power, Dong Fang Electric, Zhejiang Windey, GEOHO ENERGY, YINXING ENERGY; small-medium wind equipment manufacturing enterprises like NGC, Yongji Xinshisu Electric Equipment, ExonMobil, Mita-teknik, Beckhoff, Corona, CRS QISHUYAN; HY Energy, Zhejiang Huaying, Zhejiang Gangyu, Zhuhai Hongfeng Electric, Nanjing Oulu, Ghrepower, Baotou Tianlong, Shenzhen TYPMAR and other industry-leading companies were fully participated. The success of CWEE 2014 has laid a solid foundation for CWEE's brand development entering into a new phase.

1. Schedule

Exhibitor Registration and Move-in time: 9:00am-6:00pm May 11-12, 2015

Show time: 9:00am-4:30pm May 13-14, 2015

9:00am-1:30pm May 15, 2015

Move-out time: 2:00pm-6:00pm May 15, 2015

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center

(No. 2345 Longyang Road, Shanghai China, please goes for No.3 Entrance Hall at Huamu Road)

2. Exhibits Profile

Wind Turbines: 

In-grid Wind Turbine Generator Systems; Off-grid Wind Turbine Generator Systems; Wind-solar Power Systems; Distributed Wind Power Generation System.  

Accessories, Equipment:

Rotor blades and relevant materials; Composite materials; Gearbox, Bearing, Lubricant; Generator, Transformer, Box transformer; Control system, Remote monitoring systems, Convertor; Hydraulic system, Security system, Lightning Protection System; Cable, Cable conduits; Installation equipment, Transport equipment, Fastener; Testing equipment; Pumps matched with Wind turbine.

Offshore wind energy equipment and technology:

Offshore foundation, offshore installation vessel and platform, offshore operation relevant equipment, offshore transportation for bulky cargo, high voltage power cable, Transformer platform, Rescue / safety equipment, diving equipment, warning device, port, shipbuilding, Steel Manufacturing, Remote Sensing Technology & Application, corrosion prevention, water control and so on; deepwater soil survey service, offshore wind farm maintenance, offshore project construction and service.

Service and Consultation:

Association, Fund, Investment and Financing company, Certification and training organization

Wind Farm:

Wind Resource Assessment, Wind farm design, Wind farm construction and management; Power Investment and grid system operating consulting services; Grid connecting, Transmission, Installation and maintenance consulting services.

3. Related Charge

1) Booth

  • Standard booth (rent at least 3m*3m, it must be an exact multiple of 3 when area exceed 9sqm)
  • Expense: USD360/sqm/show period
  • Expenses include: venue, 2.5m high exhibition board, one negotiation table, two chairs, booth lighting and lintel;
  • Raw space (rent at least 36sqm)
  • Expense: USD320/sqm/show period
  • Expenses include: exhibition venues, security services. This charge is not including venue management fee and electric box fee

2) Meeting room

  • Meeting room (contains over 100 people): 15,000 Yuan / 90 minutes
  • Meeting room (contains fewer than 100 people): 12,000 Yuan/ 90 minutes
  • Expenses include: meeting room, projector, mineral water, attendance table.

3) Advertisement and few sponsorship opportunities please contact us for more information!

4. Application Procedures

1) Fill in the “Application Form” as required and fax or post it back to the sponsor after stamped an official seal.

2) Remit the participation fee to the organizer’s designated account within 7 working days, copy the cash remittance and fax to +86-21-51010898

3) After received the participant fee, the organizer will provide the “Participation Confirmation”. If all money paid, the organizer will post “Exhibitor Manual” (including: Exhibitors Registration Notice, Hotel Reservation, Exhibit Transportation, Driving Map for Transport Vehicle) one month before the opening. The participation fee will not be given back if exhibitor cancels the booth reservation.

4) In order to do the promotion before exhibition start, please email to with the LOGO, company profile (including: product, standard, and quote) after you finished the financial procedures.

5.Contact info

Tel: +86-21-23521068

Fax: +86-21-23521199

Contact: Sue



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