Eco Technology Show

Eco Technology Show 2015

Eco Technology Show delivers the best energy-saving ideas for business

11th - 12th June 2015 - The AMEX Stadium, Brighton, UK

The Show and seminars are all free to attend, and there’s no need to book for the talks. Register for fast track entry at

Business bosses can be forgiven for getting confused about going green. Funding cuts are sending mixed messages as the Coalition Government’s commitment to reduce the public deficit mean there are fewer grants and funding sources available.  Indeed, the incentives seem to be mainly for businesses developing and promoting eco technology rather than the users – and many of them will be showing the fruits of their R&D at the Eco Technology Show at the Amex Stadium this June (11-12).

Larger firms, of course, have little choice in introducing reductions in carbon footprints. The ESOS Regulations 2014 brought into force Article 8 of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive and mean that all large businesses in the UK must assess energy use and energy efficiency opportunities at least once every four years. As a rule of thumb, if you employ 250 people or more, you need to be part of the scheme. ESOS stands for Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme and Thameslink, a business which has ensured that ESOS is an opportunity and not just a compliance chore, will be sharing its experiences in one of the free seminars at the Eco Technology Show. The rail operator will share the ideas it uncovered, many of which can be adapted for smaller businesses.

Solar boom in sunny Sussex

Probably the most familiar source of financial support in our region is FiT (Feed in tariff) for solar panels on commercial roof space. It is actively being encouraged, and here in Sussex we live and work in the UK’s sunniest county, so every building owner and occupier should at least explore the options. The Eco Technology Show will provide a one-stop shop to talk to a range of providers and gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest technologies and business models before you make what will be a long-term commitment. 

Setting the scene at the Eco Technology Show will be Lord Rupert Redesdale, Founder of Energy Managers’ Association who has once again chosen the Sussex event as a platform for his campaign to transform the energy management profession in the UK and encourage businesses of all sizes to proactively manage their business’ energy usage.

Electric vehicles and charging points are now familiar sights on our roads, and their use will be promoted by actor, comic and writer Robert Llewellyn. He has always been a science and technology enthusiast, even before he played the mechanoid Kryten in the hit sitcom Red Dwarf. Now perhaps known for his role as presenter of Scrapheap Challenge he is an advocate of using and reusing resources efficiently, another key theme of the Eco Technology Show.

For any business, the main incentive for going green is still energy and utility saving that will pay dividends year after year, as well as reputation. Indeed, many potential customers will ask about green credentials as part of their tender processes.

“Exhibitors will show a remarkable range of ideas, from water softeners to complex energy management systems, and I defy any businessperson to leave the show without a headful of ideas that can boost their green credentials and their bottom line” said show director Nicola Gunstone.

The Show and seminars are all free to attend, and there’s no need to book for the talks. Register for fast track entry at

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