European Future Energy Forum

The different discussions around climate change have shown the importance of the introduction of new energy sources and the development of existing ones. The challenge of the coming years will be how to implement them and even more so to understand what will be the disruptive developments in this field.

The European Future Energy Forum to be held 10-12 October will see a world-class debate over three days on ‘Making Innovation Happen for a Sustainable World’. Speakers include government leaders, business CEO’s, NGOs, investors, innovators and visionaries within the field of cleantech.

The conference programme will centre around 6 themes:

Inspiration – building the vision
See the world through the eyes of visionary leaders, who will explain why they are passionate about the future of energy and what it means to them and us; with keynote presentations from Swiss President Micheline Calmy-Rey;  the newly appointed CEO of E.ON Climate and Renewables, Mike Winkel; President of the inspirational Solar Impulse, Bertrand Piccard; CEO of the Zero Race challenge, Louis Palmer; Director of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, Walter Steinmann; President of EPFL, Patrick Aebischer; and Founder of the Solar Planet Foundation, Raphaël Domjan.
Innovation – changing the future
A series of sessions that will create an ‘Ideas Storm’ giving delegates a chance to gain an insight into the latest cutting edge technology and ideas that will evolve or disrupt the energy markets of the future.
Policy and regulation – creating the framework
A chance to understand and influence future policy frameworks to support the implementation of future energies; whilst taking a look at past experiences to determine best cases and mistakes to avoid.

Finance – assuring return on investment
Dedicated sessions aimed at the banking and finance community to highlight important opportunities in this evolving marketplace and to analyse how to reduce risks, avoid pitfalls and create profitable solutions for everyone.

Infrastructure – feeding the need
This element of the programme will focus on working on an international level to understand the needs to distribute future energy production as well as debate the creation of smart-grid systems that will sustain multi-entry points and finding solutions to overcome the issues of energy storage.  

Future Energy Mix – a recipe for success
With the demand for renewable energy solutions growing throughout the world, these sessions will take a more in-depth look at the many possibilities that exist and how to match the appropriate technology and to different frameworks in order to define the best recipe for the future energy mix. This is also an opportunity to gain an insight into the best examples of implementation, analyse the issues and challenges of renewable energy solutions and find out what it will all cost compared to existing energy sources.

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Cleantech Exhibition
Alongside the conference will be an international Cleantech exhibition where we are looking for companies who have 'Cutting Edge' ideas and technology to present their products and services. Within the Cleantech Exhibition programme there will also be opportunities for visitors to the exhibition to attend free knowledge transfer sessions related to Energy Efficiency.

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