JobMagpie, is the job comparison site, we aggregate jobs from multiple sources not just other jobs boards;

  • Job-boards
  • Recruitment Sites
  • Agencies
  • Job Centres
  • Governing Bodies
  • Institutes
  • Associations
  • Trade associations
  • Regulatory bodies
  • Societies
  • Professional organisations

Therefore, you can do one simple search across multiple platforms, and even set up email alerts across all search sites, so you get all your searches in one simple email.

We also have a unique radius search so that you can pinpoint your search to a specific area; we do this in our post processor so that even sites that we aggregate that don’t have this will still be correctly mapped.  

We have a corporate social responsibility programme, as we believe we should contribute to the societies in which we all live.

We are governed by strict Code of Ethics and do not believe in trying to manipulate our clients or candidates as we feel this approach fosters a better long term relationship.

We also ensure that our policies and procedures on security, safety and privacy are enforced across the whole group.

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