Manufacturing and Logistic Engineer

Manufacturing and Logistic Engineer

Our mission

We facilitate access to nature by providing immersive and compelling outdoor lodging experiences. We believe that community, environment and financial stability should be the foundation of every business. In that sense, we help local businesses grow in small rural communities while protecting and promoting the beauty of the surrounding natural landscape.

The project

The Zoobox is a 50 m 2 ecological, autonomous cottage rented for nature immersive experiences. Constantly innovating, the Zoobox is currently moving towards a new design. 

This new evolution encompasses both structural and mechanical innovations, from insulation and structure to waste water treatment and energy production.

In that context, Zoobox Ireland is looking for a new team member that will work on the development of this pioneering lodge that should bring both comfort and ecological experience to its occupants.

Work environment

● Engineering team
● Innovation
● R&D
● Production
● Start-up
● International


€30 000 - €45 000 yearly

Your role in the team

Your role will be to make sure that all along the different stages of the Zoobox project (Design, Production, Shipping, Installation and Maintenance), Manufacturing and Logistics best practices are met to ensure a smooth and easy roll out of the Zooboxes.


1. Manufacturing & Shipping

a. Conduct benchmarking on solutions available,
b. Lead relationship with equipment and materials suppliers,
c. Organize production,
d. Define shipping requirements.


2. Design of the Zoobox

a. Produce structural plans

i. Foundations,
ii. Structure,
iii. Enveloppe,
iv. Finish.

b. According to specific constraints:

i. Installation without heavy machinery,
ii. Fast installation,
iii. Simple installation.

3. On-site installation

a. Produce building Standard Operational Procedures,
b. Lead a team of local builders,
c. Serve as technical consultant for other building sites.

4. Assistance on other topics

a. Utility management,
b. Electrical installation,
c. Plumbing.

Required skills

Hard skills


● Industrial design
● Product development
● Production planning
● Manufacturing methods
● Logistics


● Structural Engineering
● Revit / Autocad / Inventor
● Other 3D modelisation software
● Planning application (Preparation and Submission)

Soft skills


● Adaptable
● Quick learner
● Pragmatism
● Innovation
● Synthesis
● Long-term visualisation
● Teamwork abilities
● Communication


● Knowledge of new green technologies
● Creativity
● Process improvement

Past experience

● Ecological house building
● Naval industry
● Car industry
● Aeronautics
● Industrial design or manufacturing
● Shipping and logistic for remote areas

Send, portfolio, resume or linkedin profile to:

Zoobox Ireland Ltd.

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