jobsuk is a new jobs directory website from Strategies Group Ltd featuring vacancies across a wide variety of niche markets within the United Kingdom.

Jobs UK has been launched to help promote Strategies growing community of job board customers using JobWeb, its in-house developed job board software. Jobs UK is a free, value-added service that is being provided to all existing and future job board software customers. There are no catches or fees related to membership.

Jobs UK lists all of your job board’s vacancies and promotes them, free of charge, to a wider audience you would otherwise not be able to reach yourselves. To this effect, Jobs UK helps to boost the online visibility of your client's vacancies for free. Jobs UK lists your vacancies and then links to the application process on your job board meaning more applications for your customers. Hopefully more quality applications will mean that you have more happy clients.

Secondly, more paying clients will hopefully be referred to your Job Board as a result of your Jobs UK membership and the resulting rise in your online profile. The latter will help to underpin and bolster your current offering to your clients. Potential clients will see your Jobs UK membership as a unique selling point for your job board as opposed to any other that may exist in your niche market.

In summary, this is a free double win for your Job Board:

1. Additional, quality vacancy applications sent directly to your Clients
2. Helping to underpin your offering and bring new clients to your job board

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