Simply Hired

It’s not easy looking for a job online. That’s why Simply Hired is building the largest job search engine on the web. We want to help you find a job you love in the simplest way possible. Our sites access almost all jobs online.

SimplyHired was launched in the USA in 2005 by people who want to make your job search better. We bring together postings from the top job boards, newspapers, content sites, associations and organization career sites to offer you a single, powerful job search tool. Our site allows you to narrow job results by occupation, location, job type, level of education, and experience.

Besides making things easy, Simply Hired also connects your social networks with job search: our Who Do I Know feature allows you to discover your friends and personal connections at each company alongside your job search results.

At Simply Hired, we strive to build new tools that make job search simpler for everyone, and have more to show you in the months ahead. But our products will only thrive if you help us create them—open communication with our users (and partners) is at the top of our list. So tell us when we make mistakes, and tell us when we do something you like. Give us your feedback and your ideas. In return we'll listen, and we'll deliver.

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