The Society for the Environment

The Society for the Environment is a leading independent, non-political umbrella organisation for environmental and sustainability professionals.  Our purpose is to support and champion the role of environment professionals everywhere in the pursuit of a sustainable future.  Since achieving our Royal Charter in 2004, over 5000 professionals have been registered as Chartered Environmentalists (CEnv) - the highest level of professional qualification available to environmental practitioners.

We seek to:

  • Influence government, policymakers and opinion-formers on all aspects of the environment and sustainability
  • Co-ordinate responses to policy consultations
  • Organise regional and national networking events

Furthermore, through our partnership programme we are actively involved in tackling community development and sustainability issues such as:

  • A Sustainable Olympic Games London 2012  
  • Diversity, Citizenship and Environment 
  • Expert Environmental Witnesses
  • Skills 4 Sustainability

Our Mission Statement

The Society aspires to be the leading and co-ordinating professional body in environmental matters and a pre-eminent champion of a sustainable environment. The Society will achieve this by nurturing and harnessing the combined resources, knowledge, expertise and achievements of the professional and learned bodies which are its Members.

“The Society for the Environment has a key role to play in co-ordinating and representing the views of the environmental professions on how best to meet the challenges of climate change, and of development within environmental limits.”

Sir Jonathon Porritt,
Chair of the Sustainable
Development Commission

Our Vision

“Sustainability Through Environmental Professionalism”

We aim to focus the expertise of our member organisations in order to deliver a sustainable future for everyone. We will champion better public understanding of environmental management, sustainable practice and sustainable development.

Our vision incorporates five key areas – Involve, Influence, Inspire, Inform and Innovate


Co-operation is key to achieving a sustainable future. With a large number of diverse professional institutions and learned societies already part of the Society for the Environment, we bring together a wide range of professionals in the knowledge that new ideas and new strengths will be formed.

Through our Registration Authority we harness the talents of our own Chartered Environmentalists to assess their peers and audit the CEnv programme. 

Looking outwards, we seek to encourage those professionals who could attain the Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) qualification, to apply and to admit more professional bodies that share our vision to join the Society.

We involve all our Member Bodies in consultation responses, and we hope our website will provide an opportunity for all to have their say.


We believe that the views of environmental professionals should be at the core of decision-making about sustainable development.  To achieve this, we seek to influence policy makers and opinion formers.

The Society of the Environment co-ordinates expert responses to consultations, via our innovative ConDoR software.

Where appropriate, we seek to enable our diverse Member Bodies to speak with one voice, thus strengthening the profile of environmental practitioners in the media.

Through our partnerships with the Academy of Experts, the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games and the Black Environment Network among others, we seek to influence the way that modern environmental practice is regarded throughout the UK and abroad.


The environmental challenges we face are considerable – but the solutions to them can be inspiring.

Our vision is sustainability through environmental professionalism. We believe that working together with appropriately qualified professionals, and using their knowledge and experience of sustainability and the environment, we can provide creative and sustainable business opportunities, formulate sustainable policy frameworks and practical solutions that will help individuals, communities and businesses prosper in a sustainable manner.

In just a few years, we have recognised over 5000 Chartered Environmentalists in the UK and abroad. We believe that their achievements will inspire generations of environmental professionals to train and join the sector, moving us towards to a sustainable future.


We believe that the environmental challenges we face demand solutions based on sound knowledge and informed debate.

Environmental and sustainability practitioners can help politicians, business and the public sector to make a real difference in the way that we work and live.

At the Society for the Environment, we aim to inform a wide range of people about the role that Chartered Environmentalists (CEnvs) are playing to raise environmental standards and achieve sustainability.

To anyone who believes they may be eligible for the CEnv qualification, we make clear how to become a Chartered Environmentalist and to those organisations who wish to join the SocEnv community, we provide membership details.

In order to continually monitor and improve how we administer the CEnv qualification, we share expertise with other regulatory bodies such as the Science Council and the Engineering Council (UK) by partnering with external organisations to organise seminars and workshops.

Finally, we aim to answer any questions you have about us and our work – feel free to contact us at enquiries


Our Member Bodies and their Chartered Environmentalists are at the forefront in applying new ideas about sustainability and technological advances to some of our most pressing environmental problems.

We aim to foster those innovations by ensuring that both policy makers and our members know about them – through ConDoR, our new consultation database and management system, and through our forthcoming Polling and Discussion Forum.

We will also strive to forge innovative partnerships, such as our current links with the Academy of Experts, the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games and the Black Environment Network.

Should your organisation be part of the Society?

We would like to invite organisations who wish to improve their environmental credentials and contribute alongside our diverse membership to promote integrated thinking and action on sustainability. 

Benefits of membership include:

  • Opportunity to participate in a diverse environmental and sustainability network
  • Recognition of tangible sustainability credentials through association with SocEnv
  • Use of SocEnv Logo on website, publications and in other media.
  • Corporate links and listing on SocEnv website.
  • Discounted entry for employees to SocEnv related national and regional seminars and events.
  • Notification of SocEnv members’ training courses and conferences.
  • Invitations to participate to SocEnv Policy Forums and respond to government consultations

Contact Information

Society for the Environment
The Old School House
212 Long Street

Tel: 0845 337 2951
Fax: 01827 717064

Types of Environmental jobs

Head of Environment
Health, Safety and Environment Director
Environmental Director
Technical Director
Associate EIA Director
Project Director (i.e. waste, water, land)
Environmental Impact Manager
EIA Manager
Environmental Performance Manager
Environmental Compliance Manager
Environmental Consultant
Environmental Scientist
Energy & Environment Manager/Officer
Sustainability Manager
Health, Safety & Environment Manager
Project Manager (i.e. Waste, Air, Water)
Environmental Education Manager/Officer
Contaminated Land Manager/Officer
EMS Manager/ Leader
Environmental Planner
Environmental Policy Officer
Environmental Specialist
Environmental Assessor
EIA (or topic specific) Assessor
Air Pollution Control Officer
Environmental Advisor
Sustainability Advisor
Energy & Environment Officer
Sustainability Assessor
Waste Management Officer
Water Management Officer
Contaminated Land Engineer
Health, Safety and Environment Assessor
Health, Safety and Environment Officer
Environmental Education Officer
Enforcement Officer
Planning Officer
Environmental Auditor
National Parks Officer

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