Water UK

Water UK represents all statutory water and wastewater service supply organisations in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It works at national and European level for a strong water industry on behalf of its members and in the interests of all stakeholders.

The association’s focus on national and European policy enables the industry to address issues of common interest and to maximise its contribution to the economy and to quality of life. Water UK identifies gaps or inadequacies in current policy and then works with members and stakeholders to develop alternatives and help deliver benefits as new approaches are implemented.

The core objective is sustainable water policy – actions and solutions that create lasting benefit by integrating economic, environmental and social objectives. Water UK works closely with central and devolved governments and regulators, and maintains strong links with stakeholder groups representing consumer, environmental and professional interests.

The governing body of Water UK is a council of members who are chief executives or senior directors from the water industry. The Water UK website (www.water.org.uk) provides commentary and policy positions on the issues of the day. It also hosts electronic networks for Water UK members, covering a wide range of issues.

Contact Information

Water UK
1 Queen Anne’s Gate

Tel: 020 7344 1844
Fax: 020 7344 1866

Web: www.water.org.uk

Types of Water Industry jobs

Water Resource specialist
Leakage Technician
Engineering Technician
Plant Technician
Graduate Engineer
Field Technician
Network Technician
Works Technician/Process Controller
Technical Manager
District Manager
Energy Programme Manager
It Support Engineer
Drinking Water Specialist
Drinking Water Inspector
Water Treatment operative
Carbon Manager
Climate Change Advisor
Filter Maintenance Manager
Innovations Projects Manager
Principal Scientist
Performance Analyst
Meter Reader
Water Quality Manager
Water Engineers
Engineering Standards Developer
Technical Manager
Network District Manager
Civil Engineer
Water and Wastewater engineer
Design Engineer - Water
Water Safety Manager
Water Resource Modeller
Data Scientist
Electrical Engineers – Water Treatment
Head of Water Supply Regulation
Director Operational Services
Process Engineer
Flood Risk manager
Project Manager
Development Engineer
Technical Clerk
GIS Technician
Regulatory Planner
Project Engineer
Production Asset Manager

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