Why a flying penguin?

We love your mascot, but why did you choose a flying penguin?

We get asked this question all the time.

Well a number of reasons spring to mind:

  • The aim of Greenjobs is to find and attract candidates with unique skills and talents and I think that you will have to agree that a flying penguin is certainly a very unique and talented creature that we would all love to experience.
  • We love penguins – March of the penguins was a great movie.
  • To highlight that over 12 species of penguin are considered at risk or endangered, mostly due to human activates such as oil spills, egg collection and increases in commercial fishing.

Facts about penguins

  • Penguins live primarily in Antarctica, but can also be found in cold costal areas of South America, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.
  • Penguins have no biological defences against germs found outside of cold Antarctica conditions and die in large numbers in zoos.
  • To go quickly on the ice, penguins fall on their stomachs and push themselves across the ice with their feet.
  • Penguins are extremely strong swimmers and can launch themselves up to six feet in the air when jumping on to land.
  • Penguins cannot swim backwards.
  • A penguin can hold its breath for six minutes underwater.
  • Penguins cannot fly – Well apart from our mascot!
  • Penguins swim up to 25 miles per hour.
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